Freezoner Frank Pate Convicted by Federal Jury

Frank E. Pate, formerly of Frisco, Texas who describes himself as an “investment counselor” was arrested in Sept 2014 and indicted by the FBI. He appeared before a judge and a trial date took place in late May 2015.

As of 26 May 2015, the jury deliberated about one hour and found Frank guilty of mail and wire fraud.

According to the Dallas Morning News Frank Pate was found guilty on two counts of wire fraud and one count of mail fraud. He faces up to 20 years in prison on each count.

Pate is currently in jail awaiting sentencing.

Frank Pate was “running a Ponzi scheme and scammed a lot of exes and Freezoners and some indies for millions”, said Mike Laws, one of the whistle-blower on the case.

Pate used to attend Rey Robles’ Freezone conventions and was also a “twin” of Dexter Gelfand according to a posting by Gelfand on a Freezone web site.

Mike Laws further reported that “…10-12 victims showed up as witnesses. … Some ten witnesses who had lost nearly a total of 1.8 million dollars testified to all experiencing a similar scenario. Their money was taken by Frank Pate, but there is no documentation of their money going into an account for investment purposes. Instead the FBI showed bank records proving Frank Pate took the money directly from his own account for personal expenses.  During trial when asked to show proof or documentation that the invested money went into a legitimate trading or investment account, Mr. Pate was unable to do so.”

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Trey Lotz Sued by a Florida Bank

With our utmost surprise we found that Trey Lotz is being sued by a bank in Florida.  You would expect Lotz dealing with courts of law in Los Angeles or California but not as far as Florida!

After all it is in Los Angeles that Lotz is squirreling is way and squeezing money out of unwitting clients.

Yet we found out that Regions Bank is suing Albert F. Lotz III aka Trey Lotz and Barbara Sager Lotz aka Nicci Lotz for foreclosure of a couple of houses that Lotz had squirreled away in the sunny State.

So here you have: case number 1 and case number 2.

Stay tuned for more docs.

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Max Hauri publicly admits squirreling

In a public lecture that Hauri delivered in Russia he clearly admitted that auditing a pc that doesn’t have basal metabolism is OK!

Our little squirrel friend on the side here would like to meet Max Hauri one of these days as in all his life he has never encountered such a famous squirrel like Max hence he is waiting to snatch an autograph.

Here is the article published on who gave us their kind approval to republish:

Max Hauri and Standard Technology

It is easier to solve any problem being pan-determined. Looking from the outside, disassemble it into components, find contradictions and resolve them. The issue of standard tech is quite hot in the Free Zone. So we review it by taking a lecture of Max Hauri as an example. Continue reading

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Trey Lotz Under Scrutiny

Several reports have been received about Trey Lotz lately so we decided to run some special articles on him.  It seems that there are some very angry people and ex-“pc’s” that want to come forward and tell their stories about what Trey’s “auditing” is really like and most importantly want to expose the squirreling activity of Trey Lotz.  Some of these people are pretty upset and I am quite sure that we will be hearing more from them soon…

One of the first tips is in the form of a photograph taken by a brave man as Trey and wife are taking off from their neighborhood.

As you can see from the wide open mouth, Trey seems quite surprised at suddenly being in the limelight.

Stay tuned for the first installment on the special about Trey Lotz.


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Exclusive Interview with Vladimir Goryachev, the author of the book “The Price of Freedom”

The following is the complete text of an interview that was kindly released to us by the web site.

Exclusive interview with Vladimir Goryachev by

We learned that Vladimir Goryachev just recently released the book “The Price Of Freedom” and the first edition is now available in Russia.

This is the first work of such kind about the “Freezone”, from one of those who was there since the first Freezone activity started in Russia. Vladimir now lives in Sevastopol (Ukraine) but he is very familiar not only with the Ukrainian Free Zone but also with many of its representatives in Russia.

Today, he agreed to be interviewed and here is an interesting story about how this book came about and about its future. Continue reading

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A new Freezone survivor from the Ukrain: The story of Irina

Story of Tretyak Irina

In the year 2000, I studied for 6 months in a squirrel group of Zemlyakov Alexander in Kiev.

That was enough for me to understand that the group could not deliver straight Scientology.

The squirrel “course” I was offered was made partially from the PTS/SP, partially from the Student Hat course, partially from Objective processes and Self-Analysis and was called “Hubbard Competent Scientologist”. As part of this course we did Objective processes.   Zemlyakov verbally told us the end phenomena for each process.

Zemlyakov’s group encouraged an open-minded attitude.  There was a lack of discipline and application of ethics which resulted in no successes in studying the materials.  It was sloppy and unprofessional.  The rented building was in poor condition.  Xeroxed pages with strange translations and handwritten processes were called “Ron’s technology”.  The auditor and “supervisor” Zemlyakov guessed about what was right and wrong.  These “standards”, which I now can observe from outside, are kept to the present day. Continue reading

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Excited Man Attacks FreeZone

Can anyone fill me in here?

Obviously this guy is below 2.0 but is there any reasoning with what he is saying?

Clearly “thousands…getting butchered” is either a hallucination or is it just a methaphor?

He seems to enjoy the word “butchered”. Perhaps he has an engramic command on this. “Suffered horrifically”? Maybe he is reliving a holocaust moment? “our children and friends were DYING?” WTF?

Steve “Your Freezone Stinks!” Hall

He certainly has a high opinion of himself – “we grew fast and overtook all earlier efforts within months” and seems quite childish: “You don’t post on Marty’s blog. You don’t post on…” Apparently, this boy is not living in the real world, maybe the cyber world.

At least he is kissy-face with one person – the great and mighty Wizard of CasaBlanca. (I’m back my friend – did you get my Christmas card?)

When he says “they made an AGREEMENT with the Church” who is “They”? What the heck set this boy off? Anybody have a clue?

Maybe he was just drunk when he wrote it and was so embarassed that he deleted it and then was not able to follow through with killing and butchering FreeZoners! Continue reading

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A new press release on APIS: The First Success Story

A new and very funny press release was received:


“We have received an incredible amount of feedback from those that have received our first press release about the establishment of the APIS (Association of Professional Independent Squirrels). Many trained auditors and old timers have hailed the formation of the APIS with a unanimous clamor of agreement: “Finally we have an organization that properly certifies and police Squirrel auditors to a Professional Squirrel Standard!”

“Along the same line we have also received many wins and successes from the first APIS’ auditors that are coming off the line and we would like to share some of these wins with you.

“The first success story comes from Los Angeles from one of the first certified Professional Squirrel auditor.

“We are talking about Class VIII divided by IX, Prey-on Lots, who sent us the following, heart wrenching success story. Continue reading

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Henrik Salbol – Court of Appeal Decision

Due to some technical problems on the download we are publishing the Court of Appeal decision that convicted Henrik Salbol to 2 years of prison in Denmark on two separate pages.

You can find the pages here:

Court of Appeal decision in Danish

Court of Appeal decision in English

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A New Blog on Aida Thomas

We just learned of the existence of a new Blog on Aida Thomas. For anyone that is interested you can find it here:

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A funny “press release” about A.P.I.S.

The following “Press Release” was just received (author unknown). It is worth publishing. Although sarcastic it has many elements of truth. 


A new entity is born, the APIS by Michael Moore.

APIS stands for Association of Professional Independent Squirrels.

With this name Michael Moore  hit the jackpot!!! He could not have
chosen a more apt name for his cage… I mean virtual org.

For those who would object that APIS is just a low level mockery of a Scientology
org, I say nahhhhh, it is  a matter of reality, because APIS is indeed a very
professional organization which is mocked up in space. Yes you heard me, in space.

Because who said that an org must be built in the MEST universe, with MESTy
auditing rooms, a solid academy, very redundant DIV6 spaces, a sauna for
the Purif (too hot), a thorough MESTy Qual, a solid and menacing HCO (APIS’
ethics level is such that doesn’t need an HCO anyway) and on and on. Continue reading

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Michael Moore and his APIS

A highly trained auditor recently reported this out-tech in the Freezone / Indpendent Scientology field:

Michael Moore, the self-appointed head of APIS, approved an auditor showing the content of the PC folder to the PC and approved the gross evaluation and 3Ping of his PCs with lies.

Michael Moore did the OT Drug Rundown on himself as a solo action.

His direct juniors openly endorse auditors who audit over the phone or Skype. They even endorse auditors who rewrote the Power Processes and run them over the phone like a psycho-analytic session including the evaluations. These auditors even publicly acknowledge that their invented processes make people unstable and that they use their PCs (without telling them , as they profess to be COMPLETELY STANDARD HUBBARD AUDITORS) as guinea pigs to experiment on.

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Salbol case: mysterious murder on the wake of financial crimes

FZ Survivors recently published the Court of Appeal decision which convicted Henrik Salbol to 2 years in jail. Salbol is an independent who is a member of Ron’s Org, the Freezone organization currently headed by Max Hauri in Switzerland. New information has now come to light showing that one of Salbol’s ex-partners, Henrik Madsen who was convicted in absentia to 3 years of jail in the same case has been murdered according to Danish police. Madsen had apparently “disappeared” since November 2010.

A more complete account on this story and the the details surrounding it can be found in a Blog specialized in crime news: Chris Crime Forum.

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Court of Appeal Decision re Salbol

Here it is, a copy of the Court of Appeal decision that convicted Henrik Salbol to 2 years of jail plus monetary damages.

It is now available in both Danish and English:

Complete Court of Appeal Decision in Danish.

Complete Court of Appeal Decision in English.

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Henrik Salbol Convicted To 2 Years in Jail

Henrik Salbol, a member of the Ron’s Org (Freezone) was convicted by the Court of Appeal in Denmark for tax fraud and embezzlement. He needs to serve 2 years of jail.

We just received a copy of the Court of Appeal decision which found Salbol guilty of tax fraud and embezzlement. This is still in Danish but instead of waiting for a translation you may want to get started with Google Translate.

Please stay tuned, it will be published shortly.


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A first class squirrel made illegal threats to Freezone Survivors site

A first class squirrel sent 6 threats, 4 by comments on the Blog and 2 by e-mail targeting this web site. The reason: a couple of pages that have been on this web site for over 5 years and for which this squirrel never said anything to the FZ Survivors webmaster (though he knew of their existence). This same squirrel wanted to have all these pages taken down yet he didn’t provide any evidence to show that the data was wrong. He just said the data is wrong and made accusations and threats of revealing some alleged discreditable data he learned when he was an auditor on some individuals that have nothing to do with this web site.

This is of course an attack on freedom of speech and an attempt by this squirrel to intimidate the whistle blowers so that the truth won’t be available .

The bottom line is that this individual is a squirrel, he has been declared many years ago and as far as we know he never contested his declare so why he wakes up only now and goes on a rant about these pages is a mystery.

There are now several ex-clients of this individual who have come forward and are “spilling the beans”, the data that is coming up includes gross out-tech, outrageous squirreling with the individual concerned getting much worse after being “audited” by him, many  illegalities and more!

It was reported to us that this squirrel is boasting “Big Win Against the Church of Scientology.” Well that goes to show another suppressive person characteristic, i.e. an SP chooses always the wrong target. LOL!!! If the car doesn’t work this person will kick the cat!

In fact the result of this “big win” is that there are now even  more upset survivors that are fully determined to get this squirrel investigated for his crimes and his squirreling  activity exposed.

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Is Rey Robles aiding and abetting forgery?

Rey Robles has posted on various forums about a fake Ron’s Journal 38 which he claimed was written by LRH. While many Freezoners have already correctly labelled this “document” as a forgery Rey Robles not only didn’t listen to those comments he went ahead and made a Youtube video where he “reveals” to the public the “incredible discovery” of this fake message from LRH.

Read complete article here.

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Terril Park

Terril Park is a particular type of Freezoner, he is not directly involved in squirreling the tech but he thinks he has made a name for himself as “Freezone PR”. In other words he is marketing Freezone snake oil and trying to sell it as “pure tech”. Unfortunately it is apparent he never went to a PR or marketing class as otherwise he would have cleared the definition of “wrong public”. A Freezone Survivor recently gave us some information which is shedding some light as to why Terril Park’s efforts are not unlike those of Don Quixote!!

Check this out:

Terril Park, the so called “Freezone PR”.

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Aida Thomas’ squirreling

This comment that has just been received it’s worth posting. It mentions auditor’s code violations and very bizarre behavior by Aida Thomas. Very interesting reading.

“Out Tech Alert: Aida Thomas

———— –
Recently Aida went to Durham in the UK to audit two people, a mother and daughter. After she left I recieved 2 mails from the mother detailing her upsets with Aida.

Aida once told me that she starts all clients with ethics handlings. It looks to me that Aida has some big misunderstandings with ethics although she considers
herself an expert. Aida also seems paranoid about doing interviews with people to then have them go to other auditors. This may be becuase of screwy ethics actions. ……

There were very serious auditors code breaks, and I will just mention a few. I believe there were probably many others. Aida said to the daughter that she likes to say things out of session to people so as to restimulate more things to handle in session.

That isn’t scientology.

Bear in mind Aida was living in their house. In the end the mother was so enturbulated by Diana that she couldn’t sleep. Diana then assigns her an ethics condition to handle not sleeping! At one point Diana says the C/S has told her not to talk to the mother out of session, I believe the daughter told me this and heard that the C/Ses name was Julia. Aida told me her husband was the C/S. I wonder if there was in fact a C/S.

Finally the husband one night seeing the distress of his wife said that it would be best if the daughter and Aida go to sleep at the daughters so that the mother could get some sleep. He drove Diana and the daughter there which is only a 4 minute walk away.

He said he’d come back in the morning to let Aida know if the mother was sessionable.

The mother in fact then decided she no longer wanted to carry on with Aida.

That night Aida tore out many pages from the mothers PC folder and told the daughter she didn’t want to carry the folders around europe, and she was leaving the important ones in.She told the daughter that her mother was mentally ill and suppressive.


At one point the daughter tells Aida in session about a two year relationship that ended badly. At the end of the session after cans were put down Aida tells the daughter she was a loose woman because she had a relationship outside of Marriage. They then go down to the kitchen and Aida tells the mother that her daughter is a loose woman. Niether were happy about this, and Aida also forces or persuades the daughter to address this in an ethics handling.

At one point the mother tells of a past indiscretion. After session they go down to the kitchen where the daughter is and Aida refers the daughter indirectly to this incident. The mother was not happy about this.

Another time Aida discusses her mothers case with the daughter with the mother in earshot. The mother was not happy about this! See mail from daughter on this. Aida told me it was the daughter asking Aida about her mothers case. In fact Aida was asking the daughter about the mother and husbands sex life!

The whole period appears to be a traumatic incident to the mother. She occasionally commented when speaking to me that she was trying to block the memories out.

Diana gave only one session addressing the daughters wants in 3 or 4 weeks. Saying she found it difficult to access the case. This seems extrordinary to me as the daughter sits in the middle of her ruin everyday. She has irrital bowel syndrome and because of this has near constant diahrea and can’t get sufficient nutrients in her body and is very thin. This also makes it difficult to go out places, and panic attacks are all connected with this. Diana seems to have found it a priority to do $1500 of ethics handlings and word clearing.

The husband and a friend of his were also interested in getting some auditing, but now the husband dosn’t want anything to do with scientology.

best wishes

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Tommy Thompson: Is this a Scam or is He just Stupid?


“Morning folks:

“Well there is a first time for everything I suppose, and I find myself in a position that I need help finally.

“Not to play any sympathy card, but just as data, this is what happened. I sent some money to the Ukraine for an apartment, food and things, as I will be arriving there just before Christmas.

“The person I sent it to had a niece that got sick. Took them to the hospital, discovered it was pnuemonia. A few tests later, was far more than that, and not curable in the hospital in ukraine. So had to take niece to Russia to a specalist hospital to save their life. Looks like they will survive.

“So they stole the money from me. They took my money and used it to save her life.

“What can I say? At this moment, I have no reserves to cover this. I can not just change the plans. I can’t even really bitch for them stealing it from me.

“So I am asking for help. A hand out if you will, or an advance on services if you want. I lost about $2000, hard money that will put me eating rice and beans in -20 degree weather, looking around for an apartment over new years when they will be ten times as expensive.

“Anyway I am in trouble a bit. I need some money, I never thought I would ever have to ask it.

“But I have helped a lot of you guys over the years. I could sure use some help now. I never really asked for anything.

“So what do you say? Can you send me whatever you can to founder@… via paypal? If it is a xmas present thank You very much. If it is an advance on your bridge, then it will be delivered.

“Thanks, and all the best.”


I know that Tommy has been giving his clients some of the worst auditing I have ever seen, but now could he really be resorting to scamming people?

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