London Freezone meeting

One of our UK survivors was at the London meeting organized by Ewa and Mike Manias.

She said that things are changing; she will send us a more detailed report but wanted us to know that she did do a good deed while there. She said that a guy called Jay brought a new girl who had never been there before. They were talked to and were quite friendly. The girl did not know about Saint Hill, so was given details and she was intrigued about LRH and the manor. At lunchtime we got hold of them again and gave her the Freezone Survivors website, which she was very pleased to get!

She also spoke with Mike Manias who said that they are not Free Zone, they don’t invite them and they don’t want them there. Changes can happen…

Travellers Rest

Here is a picture of The Travelers Rest
where the meeting took place.

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