Michael Moore & his lawsuit

We received an e-mail from Michael Moore, the president of the Freezone Association International with the subject line: “CofS covert attempt to discredit the IFA”. In this e-mail Michael Moore attempts to disprove the information about a Ponzi scheme lawsuit filed in New York by Osrecovery, Inc. on a number of defendants including Michael Moore both as an individual and as the president of Gold-Today, a gold exchange provider.

In this e-mail Mr. Moore said:

“b. Gold-today has since been removed from the suit, *as has all the exchange providers*. omittted data.

“c. I no longer own gold-today having sold it some time ago.
omitted data. *None* of the exchange providers have been indicted, either US or *overseas*. omitted data

“d. Judge Kaplan has ruled

We have looked at this link and there is no mention of Michael Moore nor Gold-Today much less their removal from the case.

Of note is that Mr. Moore says “None of the exchange providers have been indicted” yet this is not a criminal case but a civil lawsuit. Is there a criminal case going somewhere on this?

So unless Mr. Moore can provide some clear cut proof to the contrary we will have to assume that Mr. Moore is still a defendant in the Ponzi scheme lawsuit. However one of our survivors from New York went to the trouble of checking the docket sheet of the case and found that Mr. Moore is still named as defendant in the last amended complaint.

Sorry Michael, nice try.

Of course if anyone wants to provide us with any additional documents or news on this we will be glad to review it and publish it as the case may be.

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