Michael Moore named in additional, related gold scam case.

We have just learned that Michael Moore has been named as a defendant in a related gold-scamming case.  Filed April 13, 2005 in the State of Washington, case number CV05-0706, Clifton vs. One Groupe International, charges Gold Today and Michael Moore among others with racketeering.  A jury trial is requested.

The complaint states that Michael Moore, as the owner of Gold Today, provided exchange services between people seeking investments and One Group International, in a Ponzi scheme of large proportions operated by One Group and its principals.

The alleged charges include:  Violations of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Collusion in RICO violations mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering, Common law fraud, Aiding and abetting common law fraud, Negligent misrepresentation, Breach of fiduciary duty, Unjust enrichment (keeping money one shouldn’t have), and imposition of a constructive trust (misuse of trust property).

So, far from no longer being named in this matter, additional details have come to light in an international scheme that would make a good John Grisham novel.

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