Flash!!!!!!! French Freezoner Charged With Sexual Abuse. Prosecutor requested 5 years of jail.

A Freezoner from France, Philippe Levy who is involved in various practices such as osteopathy, acupuncture, massages, dietetics and psychological counseling was charged with sexual abuse by a French prosecutor.

Mr. Levy has been attending various Freezone (Ron’s Org) conferences held over the years and he was a speaker at the 1999 conference held in Germany along with Max and Erika Hauri, Bernd Lubeck and others.

The story ran on French TV, France 3 channel. According to France 3 Mr. Levy stated that “…his methods consisted in releasing the sexual energy of its patient” however the young woman that filed a complaint on Levy told another story alleging that Levy lead her to perform certain acts [specifics are not given in the article about what acts but this wording is replaced by a series of “dashes”].

If you speak French you can read the original article and watch a video clip of the news item directly on france3.fr here.

We will have a translation of the French article up shortly.

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