Additions to the web site. Psychiatry in the Free Zone

Much has happened with the Freezone Survivors web site in the past few weeks. The biggest thing is the publication of “Psychiatry in the Free Zone”, a short book by Ilia Murov that he was gracious enough to let us use.

Mr. Murov was a participant in the Free Zone groups of Kiev, Ukraine and other parts the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). He became interested in the number of ways in which institutional psychiatry cropped up in the Free Zone’s dealings and especially in the background of Free Zone leaders in the CIS. His interest led to an investigation and the first fruits of that are in his booklet “Psychiatry in the Free Zone” (Психиатрия В Свободной Зоне).

The original work in Russian is located at in two Adobe Acrobat files. Our web-page transcription of the booklet in Russian begins at We completed an English translation and that starts at Please pardon the quality of the translation; it was a fast effort by several people. It has its rough spots but I think that you will get the gist of what Ilia had to say. Also, if you read Russian well and note an inaccuracy in the English translation, please let us know.

Ilia Murov’s work has led to a re-look at a number of other Free Zone and Ron’s Org figures outside the CIS, using material that we already had to hand. Take a look at the story of Rey Robles, for instance.

More on this angle soon!

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