Henrik Salbol — New Findings

A very smart Survivor from Florida sent us some public records documents concerning a company called Viking Services Group LLC which is owned by Henrik Salbol and which we are publishing here.

According to these documents Mr. Salbol has outstanding IRS liens amounting to over $25,000 which were filed in Brevard County, Florida on the 25th of October 2002. You can see the document here.

Another tax lien for $2,123.12 was filed also in Brevard County on the 24th of March 2005. You can see the document here.

We don’t know if Salbol has made any arrangements for payments but it is noted that Henrik Salbol has a history of setting up companies which then are closed fairly soon. Is this something related to avoiding taxes? We’ll see.

Another Survivor from the UK has collected the names of all the companies that Salbol has been a director of and these will be published as soon as possible.

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