Aida Thomas

We have learned about complaints on Aida Thomas, an ex-Scientologist from Los Angeles who claims to be a prominent Freezone auditor. There is already a lot of data received and more is being compiled.

We want to encourage anyone that wants to come forward to send us all the information. As usual we will protect your identity.

If you have experienced abuses from Aida Thomas or you want to simply make the truth known please send your story here:

If you have knowledge of actual crimes being committed by Aida Thomas we will assist you to bring this information to the attention of the appropriate law enforcement bodies.

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  1. D.M.V. says:

    Dianaclass8 aka Aida Thomas is not only violent but stupid as well. Only an OSA agent will have a problem with a scientology critic. Her real colors came out. At least now we know what is her real problem and why is she telling lies.

    Do you believe for a second that Pierre could meet someone through the internet in the nineties when there was no internet and the SO had no computers? Diana thinks we are fools.
    “dianaclass8 wrote:
    Anony, she is not a scientologist, she and Pierre met through the internet according to an insider, and they corresponded. She then came to the US to marry him, I do not know what her circunstances were in Bulgaria to make Flag and the SO more appealing than her life in her country.

    I was told that she joined the SO to be with Pierre.

    But she was never a scientologist that I know of. If you read some her postings on ARS, she is even a harsh critic of of Scientology.


  2. Tax evasion says:

    Did she charge a sales tax ? Did you write a check to Aida Thomas?If you suspect or know of an individual or company that is not complying with the tax laws, you may report this activity to:

    Internal Revenue Service
    Fresno, CA 93888,,id=106778,00.html

    The purpose of the convention is:
    “To Create and Maintain Expanding Comm Lines to all Freezoners within
    our reach and locales with the Goal of Creating ARC and Comradeship
    with our fellow Freezoners.”
    The event is intended to be as much for fun & re-connection as
    anything else, we will also have a singles mixer and and an old timers

    Friday Oct 2: No-Host Social,Hotel
    Saturday Oct 3: 10-5 PM Main Event, Hotel
    Saturday: Singles mixer and Dinner no-host, Hotel or TBA
    Sunday: 10-1 PM Main Event, Hotel
    Sunday: 4 PM til ??? Gala Dinner Party at Location TBA

    Pasadena Hilton
    168 South Los Robles Avenue
    Pasadena, CA 91101
    (626) 577-1000
    Tickets in advance: $100.00. At the door $120.00
    Include Name, Address, Phone Number and email of atendees

    Please send a check by Sept 24, 2009 to:

    Aida Thomas
    PO Box 411842
    Los Angeles, CA 90041

  3. white pages says:

    Aida A Thomas

    3714 Latrobe St

    Los Angeles, CA 90031-1444

    (323) 225-0010

    Age: 55-59
    Household: David W Thomas, Gwendolyn Thomas

  4. admin says:

    D.M.V., I didn’t allow your posting because it is an accusation without specifics. I will not allow generalities on this blog. Please be specific.

    • admin says:

      Disclaimer: This video contains the opinions of the author who is not affiliated with this web site and the statements made herein are exclusively his responsibility. Also this Blog only provides a link and the actual video is posted on Youtube.

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