The Oracle fights back

This is The Oracle’s answer to Aida’s posting on ESMB:

From: The Oracle Subject: Your attack on Ivan re: parenting responsibilities
Date: Sunday, December 27, 2009, 10:06 PM

You once wrote to me: “Your posts are stupid.”

I write to you:   You are stupid.  You are also sadistic and dishonest.  You are at the forefront of every witchhunt.  During my comm eve you became so crazed lunging at me and spitting on me, a break was called, and I was huddled with your co members to discuss how we could get through it with you in the condition you in.  You were right out of a  Spanish Inquisition.  I actually received an apology from Int Justice Chief after hearing those tapes. All of my justice cycles were cancelled.

YOU were my last straw in Scientology and why I never returned.

You became a complete fraud pretending we had never met when I ran into you at NKW’s. You defrauded me. You have defrauded people that know us both by not telling them what you did and who you were in that comm ev, given a teeny smidget of power on someone’s life.

I don’t care too much about me, that you have still witheld truth from mutual aquaintances.

I don’t trust you. This is not about me. I am tired of having conversations where your name comes up knowng people have no clue about us because you lie and withold data.

So, for the future, I have said what I have to say about you to you, and I will not mention your name again.

This is not so much about me, as Ivan.  Ivan, was very valuable to many people.  He made greater sacrifices than you will ever know.

For you, who admitted to me that you beat your challenged daughter as a class 8, to go on ESMB and trash Ivan about parenting responsibilities, is absurd.  It’s your inability to curb your sadism.

Now, how would you like it if I went on ESMB and recounted our little experience from when we were both in the Church?  As a credit to me, I have not bothered your reputation about that, or your fraud, or any of the other crimes people have emailed to me.

But if you do not get on ESMB and delete your attack on Ivan, I will reregister there, and on every forum, and use your methods of disableing people right back on to you.

I sacificed my relationship with Nancy, to avoid dumping on her and causing her a loss of the friendship between you, in terms of witholding data about you, that I knew you would not want her to know.

For the record, you have NEVER had a valid excuse for your actions towards me.

I am not you.  But I am sick of you popping out of the woodwork and torturing and humiliating others given an excuse or unchecked opportunity.

You had better get your scope off Ivan and keep it off.  If I catch you working to torture or humiliate him in ANY way shape or form,  I WILL lay all the data about you right out on the public forums.

You had better pull your claws out of him and keep them out.

Go find another target!  Or we shall outline your parenting responsibilities! in the public forum,.

You have a LOT of nerve to be running your mouth about other people as parents!

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8 Responses to The Oracle fights back

  1. Mark says:

    It is about time that someone exposes this squirrel. I think that she is one of the worst. She has been pretending to be a Scientologist but in actual fact the only think she really cares about is $$$$$$$. I saw her one day picketing with anonymous!! Now you tell me, if you are a Jew would you ever go get counseling from a Nazi? Of course not, so for those of you that are still considering themselves Scientologists think again before falling into Aida Thomas’ trap.

    Thanks to T.O. for this posting, I think that anyone that has ever been abused by Aida should come forward and post their experience here.

  2. I had to report her says:

    I have witnessed Aida’s psychotic outbursts with yelling and hurting her daughter Gwendolyn. The girl could not complete school severely affected by mental retardation.

    • Mamma Mia says:

      Aida Thomas shipped Gwendolyn to Mexico for several years. I have heard she run and is wondering the streets now. Did you hear what a disaster for the ear is the performance of her son?

      • Billy says:

        Thanks for providing this information. How old is Gwendolyn? Is she a minor? Please post here any additional information, this is very important so that these abuses can be exposed and also brought to the attention of the proper law enforcement bodies.

        Though shocking, the data that you are bringing to this forum is not surprising. I am sure we have only started scratching the surface here.


      • Curious says:

        Please explain what you are referring to. Is there some problem with her son?

    • Jackie says:

      This is a serious allegation you have made about a fellow Independent. I suggest you keep your mouth shut unless you can prove what you are saying. Did you actually see any physical abuse by Aida?

      If so, then why did not not report it to the police?

      If you didn’t actually see it then I think you’re probably just an troll trying to stir up trouble.

    • VMD says:

      So, do you have any documentation of this abuse?

      • CACI says:

        Each year, child abuse investigations are reported to the CACI:

        Emotional Abuse definitions is “injury to the psychological capacity or emotional stability of the child as evidenced by an observable or substantial change in behavior, emotional response, or cognition,” Verbal or emotional abuse is based on power and control. It can take a variety of forms. Changes in cognition result in retardation and inability to complete school like peers.

        Physical abuse is generally defined as “any nonaccidental physical injury to the child” and can include striking, kicking, burning, or biting the child, or any action that results in a physical impairment of the child.

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