Aida Thomas’ squirreling

This comment that has just been received it’s worth posting. It mentions auditor’s code violations and very bizarre behavior by Aida Thomas. Very interesting reading.

“Out Tech Alert: Aida Thomas

———— –
Recently Aida went to Durham in the UK to audit two people, a mother and daughter. After she left I recieved 2 mails from the mother detailing her upsets with Aida.

Aida once told me that she starts all clients with ethics handlings. It looks to me that Aida has some big misunderstandings with ethics although she considers
herself an expert. Aida also seems paranoid about doing interviews with people to then have them go to other auditors. This may be becuase of screwy ethics actions. ……

There were very serious auditors code breaks, and I will just mention a few. I believe there were probably many others. Aida said to the daughter that she likes to say things out of session to people so as to restimulate more things to handle in session.

That isn’t scientology.

Bear in mind Aida was living in their house. In the end the mother was so enturbulated by Diana that she couldn’t sleep. Diana then assigns her an ethics condition to handle not sleeping! At one point Diana says the C/S has told her not to talk to the mother out of session, I believe the daughter told me this and heard that the C/Ses name was Julia. Aida told me her husband was the C/S. I wonder if there was in fact a C/S.

Finally the husband one night seeing the distress of his wife said that it would be best if the daughter and Aida go to sleep at the daughters so that the mother could get some sleep. He drove Diana and the daughter there which is only a 4 minute walk away.

He said he’d come back in the morning to let Aida know if the mother was sessionable.

The mother in fact then decided she no longer wanted to carry on with Aida.

That night Aida tore out many pages from the mothers PC folder and told the daughter she didn’t want to carry the folders around europe, and she was leaving the important ones in.She told the daughter that her mother was mentally ill and suppressive.


At one point the daughter tells Aida in session about a two year relationship that ended badly. At the end of the session after cans were put down Aida tells the daughter she was a loose woman because she had a relationship outside of Marriage. They then go down to the kitchen and Aida tells the mother that her daughter is a loose woman. Niether were happy about this, and Aida also forces or persuades the daughter to address this in an ethics handling.

At one point the mother tells of a past indiscretion. After session they go down to the kitchen where the daughter is and Aida refers the daughter indirectly to this incident. The mother was not happy about this.

Another time Aida discusses her mothers case with the daughter with the mother in earshot. The mother was not happy about this! See mail from daughter on this. Aida told me it was the daughter asking Aida about her mothers case. In fact Aida was asking the daughter about the mother and husbands sex life!

The whole period appears to be a traumatic incident to the mother. She occasionally commented when speaking to me that she was trying to block the memories out.

Diana gave only one session addressing the daughters wants in 3 or 4 weeks. Saying she found it difficult to access the case. This seems extrordinary to me as the daughter sits in the middle of her ruin everyday. She has irrital bowel syndrome and because of this has near constant diahrea and can’t get sufficient nutrients in her body and is very thin. This also makes it difficult to go out places, and panic attacks are all connected with this. Diana seems to have found it a priority to do $1500 of ethics handlings and word clearing.

The husband and a friend of his were also interested in getting some auditing, but now the husband dosn’t want anything to do with scientology.

best wishes

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  1. Guss says:

    Gross Out Tech: Disclosure of PC information and session data for revenge.

    I personally met 3 PC-s that were ripped off by Aida Thomas and are afraid to speak up. They are afraid that their personal information will be distributed all over the internet by her, including the disclosure of session data for revenge. I am aware of one PC who cannot speak up because he committed suicide.

    The following posting was made on behalf of Aida by her appointed spokesperson:

    [SIC]Aida’s Side
    Posted by: “Heidrun Beer”
    Fri Nov 26, 2010


    The PCs in question are [The Mother’s name disclosed on behalf of Diana without authorization] and her daughter [The Daughter’s name disclosed without authorization]


    Heidrun Beer”

  2. Heidrun Beer says:

    I did NOT write the comment here that is allegedly written by me.

    Merry Christmas!

    The real Heidrun

    • admin says:

      Hello Heidrun, I passed on your posting minus some charged up statements. I have asked Guss to post the original one that he is attributing to you. If he will not provide it then I will remove the one you have a problem with. Merry Xmas to you too!

  3. Guss says:

    I am good with what you have posted and hope that people are aware about what is going on.

    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Please provide copy of the original posting you are attributing to Heidrun Beer. You can cross off the names of the pc’s. As you can see Heidrun says she never said that.

  4. Guss's friend says:

    “Aida’s Side
    Posted by: “Heidrun Beer” heidrunbeer
    Fri Nov 26, 2010 5:43 am (PST)
    I am now in a multiple dilemma. BB wants the matter closed;
    I am very pressed time-wise as I am moving, but many people
    are thirsty to hear a word or two from Aida, and basically
    we have progressed to the stage of running a group engram,
    which consists of putting all releveant information onto
    the table for all group members to see (reference: “Notes
    on the Lectures”).

    I now have Aida’s permission to make all the information
    she gave me in private mails public, but for two of the
    reasons above I prefer to stay short.

    Here is one key thing that I think matters much: Aida’s
    explanation of the events in England, or rather the core
    of it (there was much more)
    The PCs in question are H. C. and her daughter A. C.
    I am willing and ready to answer specific questions with verbatim
    quotes from Aida’s mails, but not prepared to write the whole matter
    into a consecutive timeline.


    Heidrun Beer eu
    http://www.freezoneauditor profile/105/
    http://www.RecastReality. Org”

  5. atcause says:

    I don’t know for certain if Aida Thomas is delivering non standard tech or not but I am certain of one thing about her at this time, Aida is forwarding false information regarding my identity on her blog.

    She is currently forwarding the lie that I’m Niel Woods and he is me.

    Please allow me to make something clear at this time.

    I am not Neil Woods. I and Mr. Woods are two different people.

    Mr. Woods is 20 years older than me and married.

    I’m in my early 40′s, with brown hair and slim, Neil is in his 60′s, overweight with grey hair.

    If you look at the picture that Aida has up on her blog, you can see that he’s a man in his 60′s and that picture was taken by members of “Anonymous” a few years ago.

    Aida is just forwarding false information she got from ESMB put there by a girl who went by the nic, “HubbardTelescope” who was obsessed with me and finding out who I was.

    Why? Because she kept losing one argument after another on WWP and ESMB on the subject of Scientology. Who once said she wanted to “smother me with love”.

    She turned out to be an obnoxious girl with a serious weight problem.

    Now, it turns out, Marty Rathbun picked it up without verifying whether it’s true or not and has forwarded the same lie on his blog.

    If these are the people that are going to save the planet, we’re in big trouble.

  6. George says:

    I paid Aida Thomas over $8,000 and I have been trying to handle a problem that I have been having for a long time. I asked her who was the C/S and she said it was Pierre Ethier from Canada. Supposedly a selling point. How was he C/Sing daily? Scan and fax or email. No folders.

    I found out later that auditing without a pc folder is a “gross auditing error” and so it is classified as out-tech.

    I can tell you that after getting auditing from Aida Thomas not only I have not handled my problem, it got worse!

    Thanks for having this Blog, it allows people like me to tell the truth on what is really going on with people like Aida Thomas.



  7. ryan smith says:

    Aida tried to perform oral sex on me at the end of a session. I told her I was married and she said she did not care. Wasted 4500 and she didn’t help at all. There is no c/s, aida we can all see through your shit.

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