A first class squirrel made illegal threats to Freezone Survivors site

A first class squirrel sent 6 threats, 4 by comments on the Blog and 2 by e-mail targeting this web site. The reason: a couple of pages that have been on this web site for over 5 years and for which this squirrel never said anything to the FZ Survivors webmaster (though he knew of their existence). This same squirrel wanted to have all these pages taken down yet he didn’t provide any evidence to show that the data was wrong. He just said the data is wrong and made accusations and threats of revealing some alleged discreditable data he learned when he was an auditor on some individuals that have nothing to do with this web site.

This is of course an attack on freedom of speech and an attempt by this squirrel to intimidate the whistle blowers so that the truth won’t be available .

The bottom line is that this individual is a squirrel, he has been declared many years ago and as far as we know he never contested his declare so why he wakes up only now and goes on a rant about these pages is a mystery.

There are now several ex-clients of this individual who have come forward and are “spilling the beans”, the data that is coming up includes gross out-tech, outrageous squirreling with the individual concerned getting much worse after being “audited” by him, many  illegalities and more!

It was reported to us that this squirrel is boasting “Big Win Against the Church of Scientology.” Well that goes to show another suppressive person characteristic, i.e. an SP chooses always the wrong target. LOL!!! If the car doesn’t work this person will kick the cat!

In fact the result of this “big win” is that there are now even  more upset survivors that are fully determined to get this squirrel investigated for his crimes and his squirreling  activity exposed.

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2 Responses to A first class squirrel made illegal threats to Freezone Survivors site

  1. Craig says:

    Thanks for letting us know. Yes, we understand very well who this squirrel is and it looks like that on ESMB there are 11 pages of Freezoners and others attacking him.

    Well that is really a big win for him!! One of them just posted saying that the real reason he was busted by Flag was because he was not getting results and he was obese and there were complaints from Flag Public about his sessions as well as his personal appearance; body odor, he looked unkept and seemed like he didn’t shower often.

    When they checked out his room they found out that he was addicted to porno and they discovered porno movies and other material on his desk. No wonder he is attacking the Freezone Survivors!!

    Keep up the good work!!!!! We are supporting you!!

  2. Judy says:

    Thanks Craig and I know that he doesn’t like to be called by name. I guess he doesn’t like his name, probably because it’s associated to too many overts, as in sleeping in session, violating the auditor’s code left right and center and pc’s going by the board after he audits them. Really a “great” auditor. He thinks to be a Class XXII or something of the sort. A posting on ESMB now tells the real story of why he was busted from Flag: was morbidly obese and was dealing with porno videos.

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