Salbol case: mysterious murder on the wake of financial crimes

FZ Survivors recently published the Court of Appeal decision which convicted Henrik Salbol to 2 years in jail. Salbol is an independent who is a member of Ron’s Org, the Freezone organization currently headed by Max Hauri in Switzerland. New information has now come to light showing that one of Salbol’s ex-partners, Henrik Madsen who was convicted in absentia to 3 years of jail in the same case has been murdered according to Danish police. Madsen had apparently “disappeared” since November 2010.

A more complete account on this story and the the details surrounding it can be found in a Blog specialized in crime news: Chris Crime Forum.

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  1. Gerry says:

    Another Independent that you should look into is David Wakeen. He was arrested for being a tax protester. I’ve seen a mug shot of him on the net. He was a Pierre Ethier PC. He also got auditing from other Indys.

    Makes you wonder what was missed that caused the downward spiral.

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