Excited Man Attacks FreeZone

Can anyone fill me in here?

Obviously this guy is below 2.0 but is there any reasoning with what he is saying?

Clearly “thousands…getting butchered” is either a hallucination or is it just a methaphor?

He seems to enjoy the word “butchered”. Perhaps he has an engramic command on this. “Suffered horrifically”? Maybe he is reliving a holocaust moment? “our children and friends were DYING?” WTF?

Steve “Your Freezone Stinks!” Hall

He certainly has a high opinion of himself – “we grew fast and overtook all earlier efforts within months” and seems quite childish: “You don’t post on Marty’s blog. You don’t post on Scientology-cult.com…” Apparently, this boy is not living in the real world, maybe the cyber world.

At least he is kissy-face with one person – the great and mighty Wizard of CasaBlanca. (I’m back my friend – did you get my Christmas card?)

When he says “they made an AGREEMENT with the Church” who is “They”? What the heck set this boy off? Anybody have a clue?

Maybe he was just drunk when he wrote it and was so embarassed that he deleted it and then was not able to follow through with killing and butchering FreeZoners!

Well, these are some of my first questions. I have inherited this blog from my dear friend who has seen enough.

I look forward to getting to know you, but I’d especially like to hear from you who have been harmed by these idiotic squirrels.

There’s a new deputy sheriff in town and I am armed with 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Excited Man Attacks FreeZone

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