A new Freezone survivor from the Ukrain: The story of Irina


Story of Tretyak Irina

In the year 2000, I studied for 6 months in a squirrel group of Zemlyakov Alexander in Kiev.

That was enough for me to understand that the group could not deliver straight Scientology.

The squirrel “course” I was offered was made partially from the PTS/SP, partially from the Student Hat course, partially from Objective processes and Self-Analysis and was called “Hubbard Competent Scientologist”. As part of this course we did Objective processes.   Zemlyakov verbally told us the end phenomena for each process.

Zemlyakov’s group encouraged an open-minded attitude.  There was a lack of discipline and application of ethics which resulted in no successes in studying the materials.  It was sloppy and unprofessional.  The rented building was in poor condition.  Xeroxed pages with strange translations and handwritten processes were called “Ron’s technology”.  The auditor and “supervisor” Zemlyakov guessed about what was right and wrong.  These “standards”, which I now can observe from outside, are kept to the present day.

I wasn’t satisfied with my results and achievements. I had a feeling that I found wrong technology.   Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t work!  Later I found out that this was not  Scientology and was just a group of half-trained people, interpreting and altering and misapplying the works of Ron Hubbard.

After the 6 months, I decided that things needed to change.  I found a Church of Scientology mission in Kremenchug and for the first time I saw original LRH books.   I was impressed with the competence of mission executives, who granted me beingness and talked to me about Scientology and gave me facts answering my questions. So I decided to continue my training in Church of Scientology and to find out what was right with what I studied in Zemlyakov’s group and what is altered technology.

I completed an ethics program at the mission, totally disconnecting from the Freezone and shortly started training as an auditor and getting auditing myself at a Saint Petersburg Class V organization. Later, while being an auditor, I remembered how squirrel Zemlyakov worked on preclears and was shocked with the mistakes!   This resulted in confused cases and dozens of people who lost their belief in the fact that Scientology works.   I can say this now because I have received standard training and have gotten gains as a preclear in Church of Scientology.   So, believe me, I can see the difference!

My name is Tretyak Irina, I am now an auditor and a Class IV case-supervisor. I did my training at the Church of Scientology in Saint Petersburg, and two years ago I increased my certainty on my auditing skills by doing an auditor certainty course at Flag, where I polished my auditor skills by drilling in a practical courseroom to Flag’s standard – mastery.  My certainty and competence became reality when I firmly decided to take just one step in my life – to become an auditor, trained per Golden Age of Tech in the Church of Scientology.

I have now helped ensure that standard tech is being applied both in American and in Russian churches.  As a preclear, I have achieved the state of Clear.   Now I am a successful auditor in the International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors (I HELP), which provides assistance and guidance to Field auditors.

I say to everyone in the Freezone now and those with even a bit of doubt, there is standard LRH tech, don’t agree with less.

I never believed anyone and checked everything myself.

You also have a chance. No one ever blamed me for how I came to Scientology: not in Kiev mission, not in Saint Petersburg org, not at Flag, and I was just helped. All the doors in Scientology are open for me and to anyone sincere with constructive intentions.

People sometimes make mistakes. But some mistakes can cost you eternity.

Tretyak Irina

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