Exclusive Interview with Vladimir Goryachev, the author of the book “The Price of Freedom”

The following is the complete text of an interview that was kindly released to us by the Freezonetruth.ru web site.

Exclusive interview with Vladimir Goryachev by Freezonetruth.ru

We learned that Vladimir Goryachev just recently released the book “The Price Of Freedom” and the first edition is now available in Russia.

This is the first work of such kind about the “Freezone”, from one of those who was there since the first Freezone activity started in Russia. Vladimir now lives in Sevastopol (Ukraine) but he is very familiar not only with the Ukrainian Free Zone but also with many of its representatives in Russia.

Today, he agreed to be interviewed and here is an interesting story about how this book came about and about its future.

Vladimir, as I know, the administration of our website (freezonetruth.ru) approved the fundraising through the website so that the publishing of your book could be made possible. Please clarify why the administration considered this so important as they never did something like this before.

Vladimir Goryachev: It’s not easy to be objective when talking about your own work… Maybe this decision was made because this book is a precedent in itself. You see, nobody did this before. The process of creation of this true story influenced me so much. And not only myself. Judging from the reviews, it really helps in sorting out this phenomenon called “Free Zone”.

As I know, the book is not issued yet. Then where are these reviews from?

V.G.: I gave the manuscript to some people for reading. They were expressing different judgments but no one stayed indifferent.

Have Free Zone members read these materials?

V.G.: Yes! They are those I’m talking about! These were people who have spent 2 to 12 years in the Free Zone.

How did they react to all this?

V.G.: Good question. Someone decided to change the situation by appealing for the help to the Church of Scientology. They thanked me for this book. Someone tried to find some trap in it and their critical responses just proved the following: this material hits the bull’s eye! The book makes you look into the depths of your own soul, and it’s not always easy to do. It requires a true courage.That was exactly what happened to me. If you wish – and if those who wrote these reviews do not mind – I could give them to you for publication. They are interesting. I’d like to note that these people anyway tried to improve the material, they gave me advices regarding both creative and factual sides. I’d like to thank them for this. Some corrections were done on the basis of such help.

By the way, the author of the illustration of the book’s cover didn’t read the book (he knows nothing about Scientology or Free Zone), but he was so excited with the essence of the story and he expressed the main idea very precisely. That was not the first attempt to find a suitable artist. But in this case I saw that the person just knows what this is all about! You know, the book raises the eternal question: is there any way toward better life conditions? How should one find out? Should one ponder about this at all?…

And what does the cover of the book mean? I can see a lot of roads and paths.

V.G.: The actual answer to this is in the book itself. I can say only that the abilities of the spiritual being are huge. And I mean also an ability to persuade yourself that something wrong is actually right and that something right is actually wrong. Human being is a great creator of labyrinths for himself.

With tremendous amount of ways and paths leading to better conditions of life, the true route – as practice showed – it is only one. And the paradox here is that there is one route but every person has to follow this route by his own way. Curiously enough. Almost everyone knows this, regardless of religious beliefs, and each being who wants real changes does care about this. The illustrator has got the idea of searching for the exit of the Labyrinth. The idea that having all these abilities to confuse himself the person can always recognize true value, a true route. Having received “the light” once, he ceases on fooling himself.

You’re intriguing me! And what genre or style is the book written with?

V.G.: It is a new genre, a mixture of memoirs, journalism and fiction with deep drama (just kidding). It took not a single night to write a truth which would not sound like a dusty record and – on the other side – which would not become an “arbitrary composition on the topic”. So I’ve got some kind of Diary which reflects not only the row of events but also the condition of the main character on all his way.

What audience this book is for?

V.G..: It’s for everyone who is not afraid to know the Truth. I often talk about this in the book itself. My story will be interesting for those who were introduced to Scientology in via the Free Zone and who have lost its main idea that Freedom can be achieved. For those who still are in the Free Zone who trying to are struggling in order to find the way out. For those who feels that there is something wrong there. For those who are still able to understand that they solve their own doubts by the price of their own integrity. Well, for anyone who wants to know what is the Free Zone really all about, why it appeared and what it means for Scientology.

I’d like to talk about the essence: could you tell shortly what prompted you to write this book? For this is a serious work.

V.G.: Thank you for the question. It’s not easy to tell all this in two words, as it required the whole book to give the answer. But I’ll try to deliver the main idea. During all this time (13 years) I had a feeling that something very important was missing. There was a shortage of some fundamental element, and everything else just didn’t make any sense without this element. This never-ending race for the ghost of happiness went on and on. Every time I literally got the key to this puzzle – and every time it turned out that this is another mirage. And then I suddenly found the proper key. All this time it stood right in front of me! And it helped me solve all the puzzles which were unsolvable neither for me nor for my friends. (This is the only criterion worthy of attention). And then I realized that I ought to tell about this to as many people as possible. The idea to write a book was the most easy and effective way to share this with others. Besides, I love the appeal of words, transferring ideas through words. I love to write.

Thank you. Is the date of publishing the book already known?

V.G.: Not precise. It can occur in the end of October – the manuscript is in the printer office. We have to gather means for the circulation but I believe this will not be so hard, given the fact that those who have read the rough copy supported the project. It was surprisingly to get new friends by this way, though this is one of the purposes of the book. This is not a war. This is a proposition to start friendship.

How will your book be disseminated?

V.G.: It can be purchased for a nominal charge through the website freezonetruth.ru, or through some Book Websites (I’m searching for the suitable one). By the way, it will be available as a gift directly from the author, with his autograph. Now we are considering the issue of translation of the book into English. Therefore it might also appear in the English-speaking part of the world.

Thank you very much for the answers. We’re looking forward to your book released!

V.G.: Thank you for the interview!

Source: www.freezonetruth.ru

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