Max Hauri publicly admits squirreling

In a public lecture that Hauri delivered in Russia he clearly admitted that auditing a pc that doesn’t have basal metabolism is OK!

Our little squirrel friend on the side here would like to meet Max Hauri one of these days as in all his life he has never encountered such a famous squirrel like Max hence he is waiting to snatch an autograph.

Here is the article published on who gave us their kind approval to republish:

Max Hauri and Standard Technology

It is easier to solve any problem being pan-determined. Looking from the outside, disassemble it into components, find contradictions and resolve them. The issue of standard tech is quite hot in the Free Zone. So we review it by taking a lecture of Max Hauri as an example.

Max and Erika Hauri are the unofficial leaders of the Free Zone in CIS. They are mandatory participants and “the highlight” of the Ron’s Org camps that are held twice a year in Russia; they were part of creating the Free Zone in this country; they says they are “case supervisors” and key figures of the CIS Free Zone; they are often sought for advices in resolving disputes on technology arising within the “Ron’s Org” and so on.

Being such a valuable person, Max Hauri must know the Scientology tech faultlessly, being able to to apply it and handle any out-tech. We compare his lecture “Standard Technology” to what LRH says on the same subject. The lecture was read at the Ron’s Org Camp in 2012.

«Screen shot from the lecture»

Max Hauri:

Today I have chosen a subject which is a little bit delicate. There was quite some fights in the Free Zone about what is standard tech? Probably also in the Church. It is quite a subject – standard tech. What is standard tech? I do not know if I can answer that to you today fully. But standard tech has a lot to do with Class VIII. It is actually standard tech.

Why is Max so complicated with this elementary basic principle? There is a simple and precise definition for STANDARD TECHNOLOGY that is applicable to any Scientologist, regardless of whether it is a Class VIII auditor or not:

Standard Technology: It is exact processes and auditing actions laid down by L.Ron Hubbard and used for the invariable resolution of cases, taught in the organizations of Scientology and used without variation by all Scientology auditors. The term applies equally to Dianetics and its technology. (from LRH technical film “Auditor’s Code”).

In the Church of Scientology, there is only one — the Standard Technology and this is why there are no disputes on this topic. In the Free Zone, there is a mix of LRH material with other authors as well as own manufactured processes. Perhaps this is what makes Hauri talk about the “delicacy” of the topic.

Developing his idea further, Max said that the exact application of certain parts of the technology is not necessary:

Someone takes a bulletin, someone takes a policy and then they start to insist on that very bulletin. Let’s take this classroom here. Someone who insist on “standard tech” would say: “well, how could that be a standard tech course room without any tables?”. Because in the policy it is written “you need tables”.

Here is what LRH writes in HCO PL of 16 March 1971R issue I “WHAT IS A COURSE?”. Please, read carefully:

In Scientology a course consist of a checksheet with all the actions and material listed on it and all the materials on the checksheet available in the same order.

Checksheet Material” means the policy letters, bulletins, tapes, mimeo issues, any reference book or any books mentioned.

Materials” also include clay, furniture, tape player, bulletin boards, routing forms, supplies of pink sheets, roll book, student files, file cabinets and any other items that will be needed.

If you look this over carefully, it does not say, “materials on order” or “except for those we haven’t got” or “in different order”. It means what is says exactly.


If a course conforms with this PL exactly with no quibbles, is tough, precisely time scheduled and run hard, it will be a full, expanding, course and very successful. If it varies from this PL, it will stack up bodies in the shop, get blows and incompetent graduates.

But Max gives an example of why it is not necessary to apply standard technology:

And I already said to Erika – one day I will take the head off of someone and put it on a stake in front of the Ron’s Org and write on it: “This auditor did not deliver the session because there was no metabolism”. You have no idea how many times I have experienced that! Just recently I got an e-mail: someone on OT2 who is expected to go daily into session didn’t go into session because there was no metab. How? Why?! It is hardly any reference of L. Ron Hubbard about that.

About the need for metabolism before each session LRH wrote in HCOB of 4 December 1977RB «CHECKLIST FOR SETTING UP SESSIONS AND AN E-METER» noting exactly which indications should be on e-meter. And in «The Book of E-meter Drills»Ron explains the mechanism of this principle:

Metabolism: For purpose of auditing, metabolism means that the oxygen taken into the lungs finds enough food in the body to combine with to make an electrical charge. If there isn’t, then the body tends to pull in the bank, which, of cause, contains energy.

It is assumed that every auditor knows and applies this basic principle. The problem of insufficient metabolism can be solved very easily. And it is ALWAYS solved in the Church so the person has no troubles in the session.

But Max insists on low and even arbitrary standards. Rear further, the way he is trying to justify the failure to train Ron’s Org students becomes very clear:

You see that when you train someone who wants to be trained that very good that he never goes into session. And he trains and trains and trains. And I think this is a little bit a trap of Scientologists. You can trap them with this. So this wish to be perfect, with that you can actually trap Scientologists. <…> It must be perfect, you know. Then you can teach them: well you have to drill that endlessly and endlessly and endlessly. More and more and more. And people really sell that. Buy that. What I have observed in teaching people – exactly the same subject. They take something, a data of Scientology, of the technology and becomes such a fixed stable data that you could say it became a service facsimile. <…> But is just a stable data that can not be shaken. And exactly that I have seen many times in the technology. Something was tough to them, as I told you before – this metabolism, that is real, that is stable data. And if there is no metab – there is no session. People stop to think with the technology. They do not understand that the Auditor’s Code is above such a stable data like a metabolism.

Does Max understand what he is saying? How the Auditor’s Code may be higher than the Standard Technology, while it is an integral part of it! In addition, it contains the following paragraph, indicating the need for compliance with standards:

3. I promise to administer only Standard Tech to a preclear in the standard way.

HCO PL of 19 June 1980 «THE AUDITOR’S CODE»

What put such arbitraries at the beginning of the lecture that entitled “Standard Technology”? It looks like a dramatization of own overts against technology. The secret of success is in the precise application of the Technology.

Scientology, exactly and correctly followed, takes the person up and out of the mess.


In the issue of the Standard Technology described quite clearly by LRH – there are no possibilities for interpretations:

There is one Tech and that is Standard Tech.

Unfortunately there is other tech around. This other tech is a liability. Other tech is defined as any tech which is not Standard Tech.

Let’s start punching this hard.


What Max does results in a degradation of the Technology and it is called a high crime in Scientology Ethics:

10. Actions in any way calculated to lose the technology of Dianetics and Scientology to use or impede its use or shorten its materials or its application.


Any failure in the Church is handled by detecting what part of the Technology has been violated, and the implementing of standard technology back in action.

Reinstituting full use and delivery of Dianetics and Scientology is the answer to any recovery.


It is a complete and standard application of the Technology that gives constant results – as in auditing and in training. While FreeZone (based on what is said in the lectures of Hauri) are prone to selective application of materials and their interpretation, the Church more and more insist on 100% standard use of full amount of the Technology. Achievements and the delivery speed are increased due to this.


Graduates at Flag, November 2013

(photos taken from here:

In 2013, 1100 people completed auditor training within only half a year. AOSH EU made 250 Clears in the last year! Same is happening in other Scientology Churches all over the planet through applying of the Standard Technology only.

Instead of justifying own violations, to lower the standards and ignoring whole parts of technology, Max should confront his own overts in this area and handle his ethics. Then a lecture on “standard technology” will not turn into a lecture about how you will not use standard technology.

Justification: A social mechanism a person uses when he has committed an overt act and withheld it. It is a means by which a person can relieve himself of consciousness of having done an overt act by trying to lessen the overt. This is done by finding fault or displacing blame. It is explaining away the most flagrant wrongnesses. The reason overts are not overts to people are justifications. – LRH

Introduction to Scientology Ethics” book, chapter “Honesty”.


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2 Responses to Max Hauri publicly admits squirreling

  1. Paul says:

    Max Hauri is a liar. He has a very social way to do it but your article gives a very good example on how he does it. There is so much “standard tech” in Hauri’s Ron’s Org as there is water on the sun.


  2. David says:

    Be aware of Max Hauri, he is a very canny man when it comes to PR, he will make you believe things are smooth and great. This thing about “Standard Tech” in the Freezone is a big joke. The reality is that Hauri was a squirrel, is a squirrel and will always be a squirrel. Just continuing to push Bill Robertson’s “bridge” is the most revealing point. So I have no doubt in my mind: Max Hauri is a squirrel, a big one!

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