Case Histories

We are survivors of what is sometimes referred to as the Free Zone, Freezone or Ron’s Org. The anguish, frustrations and trouble we experienced are not only worth sharing with others, but worth publishing as a warning to others who may believe that they will find there what they are hoping for.

We invite you to read on and study the Case Histories which we have collected – with no holds barred. Names are named. Events are described, not in general terms but with the specific times and people involved.

  • My Experience of the Freezone
  • “PCs wander away broken-spirited & Auditors continue to deliver incorrect services.”

  • Of Michael Moore, FANZA and Leon Swart
    “ about day 10 all return comm ceased.  I waited for three days with no reply…” 


  • Open Letter from Vladimir Lukard
    “..the commercial activity that was carried out in the camp [Ron’s Org] was entirely illegal.” 


  • Alexandra Riese
    “ I can say there is a solution and it works.”
    In original Deutsch and English translation. 


  • David Mayo NOTS
  • One person’s experience, contrasting New Era Dianetics for OTs (NOTS)
    as it used to be delivered by David Mayo with NOTS done properly today.

  • Zegel Tape
  • A shocking story of theft and deception.

  • Vladimir
  • A message to all Russian Ron’s Org members regarding Max and Erika Hauri.

  • McArthur
  • Methods used by splinter groups to sell the splinter idea to on-line Scientologists.

  • Hector
  • Experience with Tommy Thompson.

  • Pat
  • Personal experience and advice.

  • Dan Anderson
  • “I’ve been there, and I’ve done that. And I’m here to say that…”

  • Andrew Organ
  • An Open Letter to All Who are Interested in or
    Related to a Group Named “Freezone / Galactic Patrol”

  • M.L.
  • Experiences with Robert Ducharme. “It was a horror show..”

  • D.H.
  • Donations to Tommy Thompson.

  • S.S.
  • Reports on E.K. of Ron’s Org

  • Keith Mumby
  • His personal story.

Should you need to share your troubles with someone, feel free to contact us. There ARE ways to survive the Free Zone with as little damage to yourself and your family as possible.

Are you fed up with being ripped off, getting no results or any of the other disadvantages of the Free Zone? Or would like to share your story with others?

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