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The following Open Letter was written by Andrew Organ of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).  The grammar and choice of words will make more sense if you realize that Mr. Organ natively speaks Russian and is writing here in English.  The original document can be seen here.

Open Letter to All Who are Interested in or Related to
a Group Named “Freezone / Galactic Patrol”

After discovering “Freezone / Galactic Patrol” group (FZ) I spent some time trying to study their activities and intentions; I met their representatives and read their newsletters, staying in touch with members of Scientology (SO); from time to time I referred to Hubbard Communication Office Policy Letters (HCO PL) and other works of L. Ron (LRH).

I would like to share both results of my inspection and my conclusions.

I have found inconsistency and absence of logic in some statements and claims of FZ, that are resting at least upon deviations from standards for Keeping Scientology Working. Here are several examples.

The first and most brilliant fact is that this group, claiming that they are interested in philosophy and technology of Scientology, is organized as a world-wide network on individuals.

Actually, SO, created by LRH, with different levels of their own importance for clearing our planet and universe, stressed by the founder in the description of goals and functions in HCO PL, has the following levels: The Mission, Class 5th Org, Saint-Hill, Celebrity Centre, Advanced Org, Flag Service Org and Freewinds. These organizations are located throughout the whole world, and they also consist of individuals; the world-wide spreading of the teachings and the number of people on The Bridge — everything is due to their work, governed by HCO PL that have common name of “Admin Tech“, named by FZ members as “a huge admin of the Church” with their claims of having an alternative to this. These letters up to now are not cancelled, and nobody could ever do this; regarding “Revisioned” mark as is now intensively discussed in FZ — this is due to a finish of a big project for checking all the documents available to bring them in accordance with the original scripts of LRH. This project is implemented by Technical LRH Research and Compilation Unit, founded by LRH himself to assist him in compilation and publishing of his works. This unit was purposefully trained by LRH to protect his works from changes. The name of this unit can be found in the end of some HCO PL. Actually, the background of the “Revisioned” mark is as follows.

It is especially worth here to mention about the interpretation of Scientology ethics by members of FZ. According to them, SO uses ethics as a punishment. This is in fact incorrect, because it is impossible to punish an individual by inducing him to go through ethic condition. If it was prescribed correctly, then it will work (as anything else taught by LRH), and it is incorrectly prescribe — then it will dont work and condition dont change, or will become more bad, LRH write about it, and it fast correcting, because each and every condition is clearly stated. Also it is impossible to punish an individual by pointing him the necessity to write down overts and witholds. Anyone who is familiar with these procedures can understand this. The individual either writes overts and witholds down, making the life easier for himself and surrounding people and his “arm” floats, or do not write down anything, keep overts and witholds in the pocket and be engaged in fault-finding (it’s not very difficult to find faults, especially if this becomes an objective). On my view is to improve the world beginning with yourself in order to have clear understanding and to do this in a standard way, without unwanted verbal technology and spreading of entheta. Among the instruments for the Ethics establishment are the Reports (see same-named HCO PL) that are presented by the personnel in out-ethics cases in three copies. The first copy is submitted to the ethics, the second (with quotation of author’s name and

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post) is given to a person that was discussed in the report, and the third copy is kept by the author. Due to ignorance or because of some other motives members of FZ are sliding down to the level of ignorant journalists who are writing low-grade articles about SO, where such an honest, correct and rational method of solving non-ethical situations is called “denunciation“. It could be understood, when newspapers are speaking in such a manner, but when people who are considering themselves followers of Scientology are doing this, this is another thing.

By the way, the very word “denunciation”, considering our soviet past, is a big and obviously still pressed button.

The same is relevant to the low prices for services in FZ. Throughout years the issue of money and prices was for us very significant. Extremely low and extremely high prices are equally a cheating: either concealed if quality is low, or open if the exchange is not equivalent, although in case of spiritual freedom the situation becomes very special, and from my point of view, the word “expensive” cannot exist here. There is very interesting HCO PL, “The Engramm of Price”. Nonetheless, I consider prices for services in SO, although they are big for our ordinary citizen, to be real. If for somebody it is completely impossible to pay for services, then there are such ways as work-off. co-auditing, receiving free auditing and assists from students. After becoming SO member, a person receives all services free of charge. I deeply regret for those people who receive first information about scientology from the words of FZ members, and monetary issue isn’t playing the last role here. They have nothing to compare with, they never saw a standard SO and they heard about it only from the words of some outsiders. For example, one of my friends who never received any significant services from SO, considered studying in FZ more appropriate and after attending several courses he was more or less satisfied. I asked him to tell me in all detail about these courses, and it became obvious that not all the conditions were met, he didn’t finish the course actually, but he nontheless received the certificate. Several materials was very bad quality of translate. It is – squirreling and so far from standard technology. From my point of view, it is better to pay two times more in order to avoid these such problems.

Regarding The Bridge. The Bridge as it was presented in the book “What is the Scientology?” published in 1979, which is presented by FZ as the “genuine and the only true” The Brigde of LRH. is not the final and approved version. In December 1983 LRH issued more rational and complete version. According to The Ron’s Journal 38 of December 31, 1983, the chaos created by David Mayo was eliminated (David Mayo was dismissed from his position of International Senior Case Supervisor in 1982 because of his deviation from standard technology, and his office was completely reorganized). LRH also recovered the Method One Word Clearing for OT that was previously prohibited by David Mayo. I will not cite all the details (they can be found in that Journal), but, observing the statistic of 1983, a significant uprise becomes obvious. For example, the number of Clears graduated in 1983 exceeded the number of 1982 by 111 persons. I would like to add that The Bridge To Total Freedom of LRH has exactly 15 levels of OT, not more or less. Therefore any bridge that have other number of levels, for example 40, as in FZ, is not a scientology Bridge, but some other kind of bridge, regardless empty claims.

Now I will go to the issue of violation of copyrights, the example of which is the activity of FZ in CIS countries (particularly, A. Pilipenko and O. Matveev). They are translating and publishing works of LRH, although this is illegal and not all ethical. Maybe their motives are noble, because they blame Hubbard Humanitarian Centre (HHC) and Religious Technology Centre (RTC) for their inactivity in this part of world and unwillingness to publish LRH works here. Honestly speaking, it is confusing: if this is the case, so why HHC and RTC opened more than 50

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missions in different parts of CIS during the last 4 years? These missions are the forwards of spreading of scientology, offering dianetics and base scientology services, and I hope that nobody doubts the value of them. The stable data is that those works protected by copyright cannot be copied or published, translated or changed in any way otherwise if permitted by copyright holder. All LRH works are protected by copyright; the copyright is held by L.Ron Hubbard Library. This guarantees that all the works on 100% will correspond to original works by LRH. On my view, dont exist good piracy translates and results of application it may be very sorrow. That also, stopping people on The Bridge and that why SO very negative to squirreling. Even the Byble is protected by copyright (holders: “Gedeon Brothers”), and books of International Society for Krishna Consciousness (holders: “Bhaktivedanta Book Trust”). The same is relevant to trade marks of dianetics and scientology that were gifted by LRH to independed non-profit organization, RTC. This Center controls licensing and use of all trade marks. Keeping Scientology Workability so way. This is very important due to a very simple fact: it is impossible to call a scientology something that is really not. In contemporary world such protection measures are really needed. More detailed information on this theme can be found directly from the source. HCO PL of November 15,1958 “Property and First Duty of HCO”.

Some more reflections.

L. Ron Hubbard is a commodore of Sea Org, and not Galactic Patrol. This is a fact, and even if the high management of Sea Org was captured by suppressive persons, even in that case, on my view, the most correct decision would be to continue the fight for establishment of ethics using LRH Tech, analyzer and own capabilities, staying in the organization, not inventing something new, but saving what we already have.

After having meeting with A.Pilipenko in Chisinau (Kishinev) and having seen video record of German FZ representative’s visit to Moscow, I noted the following: both of them (one of them names himself OT-16), after telling something bad about SO, were saying these are simply rumours. From my point of view, rumour spreading is not a good business, and more, it is antisocial person characteristic. Their stories about threats and persecutions from the part of SO are very impressive, as are common tension of FZ members in this regard and overall tendency to secrecy. Along with this, I never heard from them about any real cases of or something of that kind, although I’m sure that if such cases would really took place, they wouldn’t hide them. I think that such things never happened and they couldn’t happen because the only methods of handling squirrels are HCO PL “Enrollment into Suppressive Groups”, standard juridical actions and also ethic procedures which could be accepted only voluntarily.

Another confirmation of ignorance of above mentioned OT-16 is his opinion regarding the Golden Age of Tech (GAT). I don’t know what kind of audience he is aiming at, maybe at the most ignorant, but it is enough to see “Golden Age of Tech” movie once and read several articles in SO magazine on this issue to understand that GAT is not expansion of The Bridge for money-pumping and drills of GAT is not a cramming, as was speculative stated by this person. Cramming is dumb studying without clear understanding of the subject, and training in this case is intelligent study with clear understanding gained by word clearing, as a result of which a person gets an ability for immediate and accurate implementation of his knowledge in the real life. Originally this type of drills was developed by LRH for training of Class 12th Auditors on the board of “Apollo”. These drills contained a complete list of all possible situations during auditing, for each process, and methods of dealing with situation according tech. Today these drills are available to all levels, to auditors, supervisors, and public. This is an amazing step

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forward. The same is relevant to Mark Super 7 “Quantum” E-Meter with its super-sensitivity and computer components, and to E-Meter Simulator which is much more comprehensive than its predesessor, a simple pencil used in earlier times for simulating E-Meter arm during training. It is not very difficult to appreciate them very high. Even Class 8th Auditors famous for their 100% following of standards, gain complete confidence and absolute competency which they never had before, not speaking of lower class auditors! Each auditor, trained according to GAT, makes auditing on the same level as LRH did! Whether this is not a breakthrough?! I think that if a person have a preconceived attitude toward something, then he is prone to see only bad things, and if he is unable to find any faults, he will imagine them to justify his attitude, and this of cause is outside of the ethics. Honestly speaking, I’m not getting any pleasure in criticizing persons engaged in squirreling for their violation of tech, bad logic, etc. We are all people, and we are originally good: scientology tells us why sometimes we are doing bad things, and gives us instruments for handling our bad deeds. If we are using them, we continue to participate in the game where all the participants will become winners. Sometimes, it is important to stop for a while, trying to look at our thoughts and deeds with maximum honesty.

I address all who are interested in or related to a group named « Freezone Galactic Patrol », if you are have interest to Standard Tech and Scientology philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard, it not exist in FZ, it is exist only in standard Scientology organization.

With respect to the original nature of everyone,

Andrew Organ

Chisinau, Moldova

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