Hello, my name is Hector and I was one of Tommy’s students in LA. I came to Tommy with hopes of getting back on the Bridge but I left in worse shape than ever.

After going to some of his classes his coaching made me spin. However still hoping for better results I have been waiting for other “classes” or “clinics” but he disappeared from LA and despite many e-mails and phone calls I never got any answer until several months later.

Since he could not deliver what he had promised I asked for my money back. At first he didn’t want to hear anything about it but later on he promised he would give it back yet he never did it and stopped answering my e-mails.

Since I got tired to chase him up I realized that his real purpose is not to help but to satisfy his ego and his pocket…

Other pages I have seen on the Internet, especially the What’s Tommy Up To web site clearly shows that Thompson is nothing but a squirrel, one of the worst kind.

Thanks, Hector
March 31, 2004

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