In the summer of 1998 I was having difficulties in life.

I had received auditing from the church but I was not very bright. I thought I could get it cheaper from somewhere else so I searched the internet and found the web page of a Robert Ducharme on a squirrel directory web site.

His “service” was called “Trauma Clearing”. There was a brief description of it along with an e-mail address.

I e-mailed him with a request to schedule an appointment and he replied requesting my phone number and told me when we could start. When he called he falsely told me his “service” was a “Dianetics process LRH abandoned in the fifties”.

Ducharme said he tinkered with it and that improved what LRH did. He said that he gives these “sessions” over the phone and he would “telepathically” pick up the reads through the phone while he was operating an E-Meter.

His “service” was an out tech version of something run via “telepathy”. It was a formula for insanity and I jumped in feet first. I had him run numerous sessions over the next 5 months.

I slowly started to descend into hell. I got wrapped around the pole daily, I became individuated, introverted and critical (overts racking up). I figured I just needed more of it. There was no C/S when I was sick and BI’s. I felt spaced out a lot. There was no auditor’s code, just me and a squirrel on a telephone with occasional bad reception or it would just disconnect in the middle of an engram restimulation. There was no safety of a standard auditor in a standard session preventing interruptions, flying ruds, checking for body ruds, cramming or anything standard! I was run over PTPs, ARC breaks and withholds.

It was a horror show and I kept coming back for more.

He declared me Clear, ran squirrel OT stuff and also all the while he would ask me after these “sessions” if I had gained any abilities or perceptions. Of course I obliged him by giving him my delusions. In reality I was going insane.

Babel Fish Translation

I started to take stock and after 5 months I quit but only because I could not meet ends financially and couldn’t afford it. If I had more money I would have annihilated myself.

But some friends and my new wife saved me from myself.

My purpose for writing this is to scare off anyone getting reasonable with squirreling. Squirrels are SP’s that are parasites. They make a living at destroying the Tech for mankind. They pretend to do good but it is insidious reckless evil in disguise. And if you hook up with squirrel you are underwriting the destruction of the spiritual freedom on all dynamics. Everyone loses. Stay with LRH, exactly step by step and you will win.

State of California

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