Of Moore and Swart

Hullo again,

I was just reading some more of Survivor’s site.  I so agree with your posting that data regarding Michael Moore (aka Goldtoday).  Very early in my foray into the Freezone I found the Int. Freezone Assoc. & it’s Australian chat group, FANZA.  I put my request there for an Auditor.  But in the time I was a member, about 6 months, I found that the actions of the group did not correspond to their "Mission statement" i.e. to present & adhere only to "LRH Standard Tech".  I pointed out to Michael Moore that he was presenting & recommending a completely "squirrel" Australian group as being Bona Fide when I could not find any connection of this group to anything related to Scientology at all.  He grudgingly said he would not allow that group to post on the chat group again.  It was at that point that I felt very uncomfortable as a member of his group & left.

However, not before I contacted one of their recommended independent "auditors" in relation to delivering the Clear Body program.  I was most interested in this action in order to rid my body of any remnants of the psychiatric drugs I had consumed a few years earlier.  This man, Leon Swart, did say that it was possible for him to Supervise the program via the internet.  So I started on the program. I went everyday to a local sauna & took all the tablets etc.  However, the dosages remained the same every day even though I sent him an email report each evening.  Then at about day 10 all return comm ceased.  I waited for three days with no reply from the Supervisor.  Then when he did reply he explained that he had gone away for the long weekend on a bike trip.  I said I was not confident to continue any further & he was quite angry with me & commanded me to start over!  I did not.


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