The following report was submitted to us by a former member of the Freezone:

The truth about the Freezone:

Is that each individual person that I met in the Freezone vilified the Church of Scientology for “no longer applying standard tech in the exact manner in which L. Ron Hubbard intended.”

Each individual I met from the Freezone claimed that they “did apply standard tech.” Each one of these same individuals who purported “applying the tech standardly” stood around at events, meetings and parties expounding their rendition of the Key to Life, OT Levels, TRs, Ethics and missed withhold handling or discussed what LRH meant by any number of technical topics.

Babel Fish Translation

I listened closely and one for one, these people alter-ised the technology to fit their own agenda.

No one that I spoke with over a period of several months and many events had the slightest cognizance that there was any hypocrisy in what they were promoting: “the Church of Scientology is the real squirrel,” (sic) “I am not but I will apply the tech in whatever manner I see fit and even research the tech on my own and throw in what I see fit! “ Isn’t there a policy letter about this? Didn’t we all learn from the beginning it is not a real bright idea to change the tech? I know any time I altered the tech things went real bad or I got no results whatsoever.

To an outside observer, objectively looking for an alternative to the Church, this was the epitome of electrification and squirreldom gone from bad to worse.

Did I really want someone auditing me who had never been trained in the Church? Did I want someone who gave out their own interpretation of how to handle a withhold at a party? Did I want someone to audit me on further OT levels over the phone? Could I trust whether I really got my withholds cleaned up and out of the way from someone who thinks the Church misapplies the sec checking tech? One Freezone auditor told me that if you want to get off a withhold you can but you don’t have to.

My God! How does he clean the reads? Does he ever get any tone arm motion? I may not have ever gotten very highly trained, but I do know that is not what LRH ever said about how to pull a withhold, before or after 1980.

I own the original tech volumes and the new. There are no conflicts in the tech but the Freezoners want you to think that there is. After many hours of exhaustive comparison of red on white, original and new, I cannot agree with any of the Freezoners I have met. These people brag about how they have done their own research into the mind and human spirit and have “furthered” the OT levels on their own. I cannot even imagine paying someone who looks and smells like a bum any amount of money and putting my spiritual freedom or in truth, my very sanity, in the hands of someone who had “furthered OT level research”. These guys are delusional; they walk around announcing how they can know all and see all when they look as though they haven’t brushed their teeth in ten years. I doubt that they really ever have gone exterior. Why don’t we all just stand in a circle, hold hands and send our friend astro traveling? Astro traveling is about as effective as anything I saw promoted in the Freezone. I tried all that stuff out before Scientology, it didn’t work 20 years ago and it doesn’t work now.

The real truth about the Freezone is that these guys say they are the ones who “really apply the tech standardly”. In actual fact, they really are the one’s who do not. It is very odd to see them vehemently argue about the church squirrelling and then turn to a guest and ask them to come and get some real auditing that they personally came up with while further researching OT levels. Heaven forbid you should ask them about their research approach and did they have any empirical proof of their claims! This one guy told me he was proof. Wow! He looked as though he might hit me unless I believed everything he was saying. Not much of an example of your own technology.

I asked him what was the philosophy on which he applied his new technology? In a circle of five or six people, none of us could understand his philosophy. He was off into parallel universes and warp space. I felt a bit like I was at a Trekky convention after taking some really bad LSD.

The best thing I ever did for myself was to talk to a friend who helped me get my ethics back in. We did some tailored ethics programs that fit the problems I was having in life. I worked on these diligently, exactly per the ethics book. (I used the old book but found the new book and the life orientation book to be much better.) I soon was able to save a little money and go in the church and get myself all cleaned up and back in session. Getting back on lines was extremely unconfrontable to me. I had no idea what any of them would make of me; an OT who went to the Freezone. I had heard horror stories from the Freezone about what the church did to people who were in the Freezone; following you, threatening you, embarrassing you, etc. Not one single staff member or public in the church made me feel bad. And certainly no one has been following me, but then again, I am no delusional. All staff and public were able to grant me the beingness, space and safety I needed in order to come clean and get going again. In fact, old acquaintances and friends were warm and welcoming even after they heard about my jaunt into the Freezone. My friend kept telling me it was not as bad as I thought. That I was just making it way more difficult in my own imagination of what would happen to me if I ever stepped inside an org again. My friend was right. I am back on the road to freedom. May I never be the same again.

My advice: do not hesitate for a split second. See a real Scientologist and get your feet back on the right road. It is not at all as hard as any of your imaginings. You’ll never regret it.


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