The following report was submitted to us by S.S., a former member of Ron’s Org.

1998 E.K. was still the CO of Ron’s Org Frankfurt. Proudly she told everybody who wanted to listen that she had personally known Bill Robertson, that she had attended his lectures and that she had done a communication course under him.

1999 her life drastically changed. She wanted to do the “Bridge” once more. Her reasoning was that she had received the “grades” from D.R. in the Freezone and that D.R. had been a squirrel who had only thought of completing the grades as fast as possible (“quickie”). E.K. then got a new C/S – from E.H. – who also audited her.

Barbara Söllner's headstone
Barbara Söllner, geb. Struszewsky, 03.01.38 - 20.03.02
Barbara Söllner’s headstone.
Psychiatric clinic
The psychiatric clinic where Barbara Söllner was under treatment.

And thus E.K. began with the Purif, and then got a version of Objective Processes. Out of the blue came the news that she was extremely ill. As she was so ill that she couldn’t travel to E.H., E.H. had to travel to her. As it turned out, her internal organs had failed which was due to something involving her blood. Her two children weren’t only totally shocked but were afraid for her life for weeks.

When I saw her after many weeks of a stay in the hospital, it took my breath. She had aged by 20 years and had changed from a beautiful and attractive woman into a living nightmare. She had lost weight, had almost no hair left, had bad teeth and was as white as chalk.

But if this was bad, then the next story I want to tell you caused me to forever separate myself from the Freezone.

One day we did not hear from B.S.1 anymore. She had been working on the newsletter of the Freezone. Full of life and always willing to help, the news hit like a bomb: She had poured gasoline over her body, had ignited it and had torched herself to death. Awful.

She had been on the auditors in the Ron’s Org and had also received “auditing”.

Whoever had squirreled with her will have to have this on his conscience forever.

Because of hopefully understandable reasons I have not named any persons other than Ron’s Org. The concerned persons know who is meant and those who are still interested in auditing in the Ron’s Org can ask their board.


NB: After E.K. had withdrawn from the management of the Ron’s Org, W.K. took over but was then replaced by Ulrich Schneck, its current director.

1)  Editor’s Note:  B.S. is Barbara Söllner.  Fräulein Söllner was also being treated in a psychiatric clinic during this same period.  See photos in side bar.  See also Psychiatry in the Freezone for more on the psychiatric connection.

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