The Story of A.R.

Hello! I am writing to inform you about my personal experiences. I was introduced to the Free Zone by Joachim Goebel on an Esoteric Mass* three years ago.

I always had the idea there was something you could improve yourself with and the Free Zone seemed to have the technology to achieve that purpose. By observing the application of the technology in the group and also by my own experience, I saw that the actual technology the way it is written is not applied.[*Esoteric Mass A ceremony loosely based on the Roman Catholic Mass; part of an occult, mystical movement in German-speaking countries, popular especially in the former East Germany (GDR) since reunification in the early nineties. -Webmaster]

After having some Free Zone sessions, I started having trouble sleeping, I felt bad and pictures went through my mind that I could no longer control. Have you had a similar experience?

I was told these pictures were “normal” and “could come up, now and then”. Since then, however, I have found out that you only get those pictures if you start looking at incidents in session and don’t go through to the last incident of the same kind.

In the Free Zone, you kind of stir up the vegetables in the soup, instead of emptying the pot. Now I do not have these pictures anymore, for I have found the group that is applying the actual technology.

In the Free Zone, I got a lot of evaluations and I was told several times during sessions that my needle was floating, even though I was certain my needle could not be floating because I felt a lot worse than before. The rule that you may not be evaluated or invalidated in session also does not exist in the Free Zone. For instance: You are told, “you ARE Clear”, even though you might not agree with it.

The policy that you may not evaluate for another was one of the reasons for my interest in this group. But in Free Zone sessions I was told I had “now reached the State of Clear”. I have learned since, that in order to truly attain the State of Clear, you have to remove pictures of charge from the mind by looking at them, for you are only Clear when all incidents containing pain and unconsciousness have been erased from the whole track of this being. On an immortal being you can imagine that this consists of more than 3 to the 10th (over 60,000) incidents, rather than hundreds of incidents, as claimed in the Free Zone. It would also include running earlier similar incidents that can be on a chain of incidents, in order to get to the beginning of the incident, so the charge on the whole chain can be dissolved, and cease to have an effect on the person. After about 20 hours of Free Zone sessions I was told I was “now Clear”, even though I had only looked at nice incidents in this time and this obviously could not have resolved any of the charge. Except for one real incident of an operation in this lifetime that was not even run to the end phenomena.

Pleasant incidents do not influence a being towards the negative, so you would have to look at negative incidents in order to become free. Of course it has the effect that you are in a good mood for a while, but that dissipates again.

Have you had similar situations? I ask you to have a look at this carefully as it is about our personal spiritual freedom!

There is another policy in the Free Zone, which is that “nobody may be processed who is under the influence of drugs or has taken drugs within the last 6 weeks.” Despite this rule, a member was taken in session after consuming Hashish and other drugs continuously for years, even though the mentioned time period of 6 weeks still had another 5 weeks to go, and even though the person can be the adverse effect of a session under drug influence.

Another person who was thinking about suicide after session had taken psychopharmaceuticals. This rule exists because the technology of session cannot work if the person is under the influence of drugs or the person can be influenced afterwards.

I was told by Peter Blum that my mother was a suppressive person and he asked me only to talk about the weather with her which distanced me even more from her. When I wanted to move away from my mother,

I was asked by Helen Blum to keep staying with my mother so I would save some money and could spend more on their group. Of course I wondered how this was possible as she was suppressing me and I cannot imagine how I could develop while under suppression. Also because Helen asked me not to show the “Clearing Book” to anyone and also not to talk about it “so I would not get into trouble”, I withdrew more and more and in the end was almost totally isolated from my fellow people.

I also wondered why you had to hide this Clearing Book of the Free Zone if it contained the truth.

Does she think she will get into trouble if somebody or a certain group finds out about it? After I was told to keep a secret of those things, I was doing worse and worse. When I also got into trouble in my relationship, I talked to Helen Blum about it in order to get help. Her answer was she could not help me with that, and “this could only be treated on Level 6”.

I now found out that this can be handled within a few hours with the correct technology, without sessions or spending a lot of money or any other prerequisites. Did you ever wonder why you were told such a simple thing can only be handled on such advanced levels?

I do not know how widely it is known that the Free Zone is supposedly “under alien protection”, but this was being discussed several times. By chance I know that Peter Blum had been under psychiatric treatment in the past, and so I can imagine where this idea with the aliens comes from.

As paranoia is a common side effect of most psychiatric medication and can keep influencing the person afterwards and has left people insane, this is a very possible likely cause for the phenomena mentioned above.

Little by little, I saw more and more of these things and I discovered this was not the way to improve a being or make them free. Did you ever have such thoughts? Of course it can always be positioned in a way that somebody who left the group does not understand very much of it, or he would not have left it, but why did the person leave? I would like to inform you because I have now found my way and have the wins of the correct technology. I started having doubts about myself when I was in the Free Zone and I also know how hard it can be to get out, if one has the idea there is no other solution.

But now I can say there is a solution and it works.

I can hardly imagine why a spiritual being needs divining rods in order to estimate persons and situations. As the Free Zone gets their members mainly from selling gems, I wonder how you can heal insanity with gems.

Why does the Free Zone get its members mainly from selling stones?

I have since joined the Church of Scientology and have looked for myself and found out that the true technology, which had been researched, finalized and publicized by L. Ron Hubbard, was abused and represented as incomplete by the Free Zone. I cannot imagine that a man like L. Ron Hubbard who emphatically tells people to complete actions would go without completing his work. The wins I have had since being in Scientology are really stable and I would never have imagined this before. There is a rule in Scientology that people decide freely by gaining more understanding about themselves and the environment, and therefore become more able to lead their own lives.


A. R.

March 29th, 2002

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