David Mayo NOTs

This account contrasts David Mayo’s supervision of New Era Dianetics for OTs (NOTS) in the 1980s with NOTS as it is now standardly applied at the Flag Service Organization in Clearwater, Florida.

While I was doing the OT 7 Course, about two years ago, my twin was one of the folks who had done OT 7 when it was 1st released, at Flag when David Mayo was in charge.  She told me that she had actually stopped auditing on OT 7 back then shortly after doing that 1st course; she called it “DAVID MAYO NOTS” .

She returned home to solo audit and ran into difficulties (she relayed some grizzly tales of illness & upsets) and technically she felt she was missing something.  Hearing that OT 7 had been restored to LRH’s standard she was willing to restudy & continue.  As we did the LRH Theory & drills of OT7 I was struck with the impact it had on her.  She would get teary-eyed and say, “Thank God!” and more than once she had tears of joy over the data & drills; explaining to me that these tools and procedures had NOT been on the David Mayo version of NOTS and that if they had been she would have never gotten ill or upset and would not have stopped solo auditing.  Her eyes would widen and she’d get that “Oh my Gosh!” look and frequently exclaim how this data was vital and how stupid & evil David Mayo must have been to omit all this data.

The restored LRH data & drills I honestly believe she appreciated more than I; she would often say, “there are so many tools now to handle whatever comes up in session!, this is easy!” etc.  We are both doing GREAT and soloing away with many wins and gains & restoration of abilities.

13 August 2005

For more information on David Mayo, read the detailed report from Jon Zegel on this site.

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