Vladimir Lukard

This letter was received on 3 April 2006 as an e-mail from Vladimir Lukard of Russia.  The translations to English have been left as we received them.


My name is Vladimir Lukard. I learned from my friend Dmitry that he visited the so called Ron’s Org, as he thought – falsely – that he would be able to receive help. He was in Ron’s Org Navigator, which is headed by Vladislav Kaydakov. The Navigator group invited him to a camp outside Moscow, where on the March 2006 there was a gathering of the Ron’s Org under “patronage” of Swiss citizens Max and Erica Hauri. Dmitry went there, paying 2500 rubles (around $100) for the “administrative collections” and 10,000 rubles (around 350$) for doing the cheapest course. 

However, based on a former job, Dmitry knew the law of Russian Federation and what immediately struck him as odd was that the commercial activity that was carried out in the camp was entirely illegal. There was selling of books, materials, courses without any documents or receipts – the money was just put in the pockets. This also means that there no taxes were paid on this money. Just imagine the condition of the person who bit by bit collects money from his “student salary” and, as a result, he has no confirmation at all that he gave the money and nobody is responsible for this. In other words, because of this money these people destroyed his human rights. To rehabilitate these rights the money for the bad services should be paid back to him. 

Beside that Dmitry also is very suspicious that the biggest part of these money is going into the pockets of Max and Erica Hauri. That suspicious is based on facts. Here are excerpts from two letters of Oleg Matveev ex-leader of one of Ron’s Org “Chayka” in Moscow that is written about Max and Erica Hauri and their camps that they was carried out. (I left only those excerpts that related to finance, as I don’t wants to go know into the details of the tech of Max and Erica Hauri that Matveev also mentioned).

От: Oleg Matveyev <Oleg_Matveyev@mail.ru>
Дата: Wednesday, October 25, 2000, 11:11:09 PM
Subject: [ronsorg] 4: About the good guys, fair exchange and fucked off Matveev…
No, I don’t think neither Hauri, nor Otfried, no Olga the evil purpose people.
Just imagine this.
We are gathering the mob of 150 people. There are people comming to us from the Central Europe, we are studying, kicking around and so forth. Qualification of Russian and foreign specialist is pretty same. OT-level gets delivered by Russian supervisors, all the courses in fact and the delivering of Excalibur is just left without care. Everything good, friendship relations and so forth… Only to each of us this “friendship” is cost pretty big sum of money.
Just take the piece of paper and calculate what’s this sum is looks like. No one of them is ever getting this money for the few weeks over there. And this false data “for them it is the small money”. This is HUGE sum of money. And we ourselves are giving this money. We are establishing everything, delivering everything – but they are earning the money. But organizers then coax the money out of us for the expanses on the camp. And Max from his king shoulder is giving to us 10% of OUR money “for the Association”…
This is not fair and does not looks good. We are paying to them, feeding them and they are granting our money to us.
I am sure that all of you is full of debts. Somebody borrowed one thousand, somebody two, somebody even more.
Such a trap – and you cannot just leave it simply. You should first “complete the cycle”.
… I don’t wants to work anymore for the finance pyramid. Max, Erica and Otfried will get not any cent from me and not any bite of information, and not any new name. The exchange is too not fair. I am sick and tired from the spits into my side from those for whom I am working.
And if OT 16 for keeping their image good will allow themselves to lie and pervert my words, then I will just give the fuck to this OT 16.
And if OT 48 instead of the answers on the questions starts to behave like offended child and refusing to communicate then I will just give the fuck to this OT 48.
Fuck together with their “representatives” who stick in their valence.

От: om <Oleg_Matveyev@mail.ru>
Дата: 28 июня 2001 г. 14:39
Кому: Korneev Sergey <saint-grail@yahoogroups.com>
Тема: Re[4]: [snt] Fwd: Re: [ablt] Fwd: FZ International

From other side
Captain Bill Robertson (CBR) is just normal rough squirrel, who worked out his own technology, which LRH never had, add to this all his dense case – all this LTA, Archives of the Rings, mixed it with many other “non-standard” things – and successfully sold this to public under mark of “Class 8 from LRH”. Doesn’t it like this?
I has nothing against those, whom rons’orgs called “squirrels” (Vlad gave the definition of this word), however why they see it in OTHERS, and don’t see THIS in themselves?
Commercial interest? The inclination for the “standard”? Wish to sit on the neck of Church of Scientology?
KS> There is a big difference, Erica and Max are not complain with and not
KS>criticizing CBR bridge
Hey. They are business doing on this, big business man. 30 thousand ($) for each trip. Why should they complain on this. CBR also did not complaint about, however he died from the cancer in the obliteration in the mountain house in Andore, protecting himself from marcabians and drop all his materials for nobody in the flat of one guy, who most possibly is considered to be an SP amongst Ron’s Orgs, as he is not in their “net”..
I tried to add the 2d of this guy Maria Meloni to the ron’s org mail list, and Hauri was about to tear off my arm for this.
He did not explained any reason for this. And I think that this was the big danger to damage the image of the space heroism around CBR.
Can it be that in the personal life he is not sweet – then why support his image?
One time Dezire come to me to my home, who brought this materials to Maria after CBR death, but Hauri then put a shit on her on all the mails and even ask her relative to write the knowledge report on her.
So Max and Erica is pretty much set up. And they will not surrender without the fight even though Erica had a big problems with the health on THIS Bridge – but they will never tell your about this…

I will tell you even more. Dmitry never saw this letters of Oleg Matveev, which I found in the internet archives of Ron’s Org. He himself got suspicious about the “business” of Max and Erica Hauri.

The more you look the worse it gets. On the 30 March 2006, according to Dmitry, law enforcement officials, i.e., policemen and officials of the Department for Fight Economical Crimes of the Russia Federation inspected the activity in the camp and arrested 3 of the most obvious violators of the law. They had to pay a fine for now.

During the police visit, Dmitry observed how staff of Ron’s Org were hiding the “student schedule” and other materials, so that the police would not notice these. Erica and Max Hauri were hiding outside the building so police did not see them. In other words, local Ron’s Org members took the heat while the actual organizers Max and Erica Hauri remained scot-free. Why are main organizers not take responsibility for this? Are they afraid of something or have something to hide?

After the law enforcement officials left the camp with the three arrested individuals, according to Dmitry a real witch-hunt was started in the camp. The logical actions of any executive would have been to sit down and look and ask themselves the question what they are doing wrong and whether there are violations of the law. Not so in this case as instead of doing what people would normally do Max Hauri and his goons took it out on Dmitry by giving him the third degree for an hour.

Further they force him to provide them the data from his passport, took his cell phone number and photographed him.

Hauri’s methods are reminiscent of the Soviet NKVD (Soviet Secret Police – predecessor of KGB) interrogation methods forcing faithful communist to admit to having committed crimes they had not committed.

Wondering why Max Hauri would act in such a manner, we find, interestingly enough, information on the Internet about connections of Max and Erica Hauri and their friend Bernd Lubeck to the German intelligence service Office of the Protection of Constitution (OPC). See http://andygreen44.tripod.com/index.html

My advice to Dmitry is to file a complaint for how Hauri was destroying Dmitry’s rights. Further, even if Max and Erica Hauri never set foot in Russia again, there is still Interpol to ensure Max and Erica will not escape from justice.

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