To: All Russian’s Ron’s Org member

Read and distribute this among all Ron’s Org members freely.

Dear Friend,

I have been in the Ron’s Org Russia because I read Dianetics and other LRH books. After reading these books I realized that Scientology and Dianetics are the only hope that man has. Originally, I believed some of the lies that were circulating in Ron’s Org to justify its existence. However, after reading Iliav Murov book, Psychiatry in the Free Zone, I realized that the Freezone is really a front group for Psychiatry and some other intelligence organizations. If you are currently in Ron’s Org, realize that the people that are running this organization do not have any desire to make people better, but want to suppress Scientology and create some shoddy substitute so that it will not be effective. This is done by disseminating lies about the Church and Scientology by making people believe that the Church of Scientology has been infiltrated by the IRS and CIA while it is actually those who are running Ron’s Org, namely Max and Erika Hauri who have been working for the German OPC (German Office for the Protection of the Constitution).

I have now established a line with a Scientologist from Switzerland who knows a lot about Max and Erika Hauri and their past connections. The data I got confirms that they are only pretending to be for standard tech but in actual fact they have been squirreling while in the Church and up to present time so they are totally out-KSW. This Scientologist gave me much information and I will mention some of it here. I am not mentioning names for obvious reasons but anyone that has a real interest for the truth can find out about this for themselves as I did.

Max Hauri pretends to be a tech authority but he is just pitiful squirrel. My friend told me that Hauri has a history of taking pcs for session without studying the pc folders. This is a very high out-tech and contrary to any LRH policy and tech. One time Max Hauri took a PTS type III in session because he didn’t look in the pc folder so he didn’t know that the pc was nuts. My friend also told me of that Hauri audited a pc some years ago who said that he didn’t get any gains from the auditing from Hauri and now this person is involved in other practices and other religions. Scientology works all the time if correctly applied as L. Ron Hubbard, the founder says.

Erika and Max Hauri also audited a pc while he had already a brain tumor and he was getting solo sessions, while at the same time getting the grades from Hauri. This person is now dead.

My friend also told me of a woman’s daughter from Switzerland who was doing the purif under Max and Erika Hauri’s supervision. The mother is supposedly already “OT 40” on the squirrel Robertson’s “bridge”. While on the Purif the daughter had an accident and did not continue on the purif for some days. Then she became sick and did not go onto the purif again.

Erika and Max Hauri have also audited a member of Ron’s Org from Frankfurt in Germany that has committed suicide some months later by pouring gasoline over her body.

Now Hauri says he is the I/C of the Ron’s Org Committee (ROC) which has statutes where the following is stated: “Making sure that Standard Tech as per LRH and CBR is available for everybody and will continue to be available in the future and is applied throughout the world”.

The above examples are not Standard Tech but squirrel is therefore it is a lie that Hauris are delivering standard tech.

Hauri have also promoted that they have publicly admitted having worked for the OPC, a German Intelligence organization that is attempting to get rid of Scientology. The Hauris then are really some sort of agents who are exploiting the lack of data and knowledge of the innocent Russians to serve their real purposes of creating a bad name for Scientology tech by outright squirreling.

As you can see Max & Erika Hauri as well as some of their associates are bold-faced liars, according to the book by L. Ron Hubbard, Chart of Human Evaluation anyone who is involved in “Ingenious and vicious perversions of truth. Covers lying artfully” is at 1.1 on the tone scale. At this level on the R column “Actual Worth To Society Compared To Apparent Worth” it says: “Active liability. Enturbulates others. Apparent worth outweighed by vicious hidden intents.”

So if you continue to share your membership in Ron’s Org, you know where you are heading. Your case will be screwed up and the final result will not be freedom but further agony and your road barred forever to actual freedom as LRH clearly laid out. Max and Erika Hauri and his Russian cohorts such as Kaydakov are only dealing with lies and underhanded actions. When they says that they are for standard tech and for Scientology you should treat these words as coming from snakes who only try to get as close to you as possible to bite you and suck your blood. Their association with intelligence and psychiatrists as revealed by Iliav Murov book makes them worse than enemy of Scientology.

So heed my words, you still have a chance. When you hear their lies about Scientology or LRH ask for prove, not their artful “PR”, ask to see actual documents, they will not be able to give you any. What you will be given are probably either forgeries or “documents” which are coming from other “authoritative” liars. You still have a possibility to get out of this snake pit. Think it over carefully. You may never have another chance.

With infinite ARC,

17 November 2005

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