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Are you fed up with being ripped off, getting no results or any of the other disadvantages of the Free Zone or “Ron’s Org”? Contact us if you need help or information about the Free Zone or “Ron’s Org”. If you want to submit your story for publication on this web site feel free to do so by forwarding it to the e-mail addresses below.

We will keep your name confidential, if you wish anonymity. You can also contact us for inclusion in our newsletter mailing list.

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  1. decline to state says:

    I know of one person who was robbed at gunpoint three times and suffered a 35 foot fall while receiving services from Trey Lotz. One of those muggings happened on the street in front of Trey Lotz’s house, after leaving the house after receiving services.

    I know of another person who shot himself in the head with a pistol during a stage accident while receiving services from Trey Lotz. That person lived and is paralyzed.

    This is not the kind of “results” one would expect from an auditor. This is why I say to whomever is planning to go and get counseling from Trey that you put your life in your own hands.

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