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  1. Maria says:

    I like that. I know of a couple of sutoatiins where PCs had their cases totally messed up by the squirrel auditing they got from Independents. One was a guy by the name of David Wakeen. First he got auditing by an Independent named Pierre Ethier who tries to portray himself as the top auditor in the world, but comes across like an overweight, pompous blowhard. Later Wakeen went to the Independents in Idaho (Les and Anita Warren and Frankie and Mary Freeman) to get his case sorted out from the bad auditing he got from Pierre and and got messed up even worse. Wakeen ended up getting busted by the feds and thrown in jail, apparently for being a tax evader. If you recall, the Warrens were winners of the Independents annual birthday game as announced by none other than Marty Rathbun, so I guess Wakeen becoming a tax cheat and getting arrested is pretty much sums up the type of wins they are getting.

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