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The Truth About: Silvia Kusada

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  1. atcause says:

    Dear Free Zone Survivors,

    I need to have the link address for the Silvia Kusada blog updated on your site. I’ve changed the name of the blog to included her full name so it will come up easier in the search engines when someone types her name.

    Here is the new name of the blog on Silvia Kusada:

    Thank you.

  2. atcause says:

    Want to know how suppressive person Silvia Kusada causes upset and hurt in others?

    I wrote about this on my blog, but I touch on it here.

    The way she does it is by abusing the agreed upon rules of expectancy that we have in our society.

    She runs an inversion on the agreed upon rules of expectancy in order to cause the maximum hurt to others.

    What you expect her to do, she doesn’t do and what you expect her not to do, she does.

    SP Kusada will even go so far as to write an entire post on her blog with the express purpose of getting that expectancy from you so she can dash it causing you upset and hurt.

    She writes a whole post on how not communicating is treason and that when in doubt one should communicate and then when someone does communicate with her she doesn’t communicate back.

    Therefor causing upset and hurt. That’s her purpose.

    That’s the goal of a suppressive person, to cause upset and hurt.

    That’s Silvia Kusada’s goal.

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