Aida Thomas

We have learned about complaints on Aida Thomas, an ex-Scientologist from Los Angeles who claims to be a prominent Freezone auditor. There is already a lot of data received and more is being compiled.

We want to encourage anyone that wants to come forward to send us all the information. As usual we will protect your identity.

If you have experienced abuses from Aida Thomas or you want to simply make the truth known please send your story here:

If you have knowledge of actual crimes being committed by Aida Thomas we will assist you to bring this information to the attention of the appropriate law enforcement bodies.

See the first blog item on Aida Thomas.

6 Responses to Aida Thomas

  1. alex says:

    Aida/Diana came to the UK full of promises, did not fulfill any, did not refund as she wrote she would, did not stay in comm.
    In my eyes she is a con artist, not a auditor of any sort. If you think it would be a good idea to pay someone who is mentally ill and claims to be professional and educated in several professions, then please choose Aida.

    If you would like a sane, highly motivated and educated professional….keep looking.

    • Derek says:


      I am glad that you have come forward with this information. I had thought about going to Aida for auditing, but have changed my mind. I’d rather go back to the Church than be audited by someone like Aida!

      Hope all is well with you.

    • One who holds the line says:

      Dear reader,

      Here’s a new web site exposing the truth about Aida Thomas.

  2. Sidney Jackson says:

    Aida Thomas once stated on her own blog that criminals have aliases.

    Yet, with her own words, Aida condemns herself to being a criminal because she herself goes by the alias of “Diana Reynolds”.

    For more information on that, please read a comment posted by “Concerned” put up on May 2nd 2012 on this web site explaining the whole story behind Aida Thomas’s fraudulent nature.

    Here’s a link to it:

  3. kaylen barker says:

    Aida Thomas is truly an evil little devil inside and out.

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