Bill Robertson’s Tech

From: Ralph Hilton (
Subject: FZ International
Date: 2001‑06‑19 19:13:16 PST

I’ve been stuck a bit with WBR’s stuff for 15 years. I ran his “OT levels”
up through 16 and later went through his more “advanced materials”

I got quite ill around his OT12/13 and thought he’d missed something.

I tried handling it within his cosmology but it didn’t work.

His cosmology just gets wilder and wilder.

The space opera type “OT” handlings of Markabian telepathic invasions is not
a workable approach to OT.

The “Ron’s orgs” tend to skirt the lower bridge and get people up to “OT”
fast so that they can help handle the telepathic invasion of the Marcabians.

It just gets more and more detached from reality.

In the last few years I held onto parts of WBR’s ideas and tried to use

It just did not work.

Tonight I hit a sort of resolution. <snip>

I scanned fast through his material and realized that he was in a full


I’m in the middle of FDSing his BS.

His “Excalibur” and “Phoenix” levels are a pile of delusory bullshit.

I have not seen anyone who has run Bill Robertson’s “upper bridge” who could
actually change things. They are living in a delusion.

I have therefore decided that while I might have previously recommended that
people study WBR material that I have to totally reverse my opinion.

I’m not going to play with new rundowns. I’m not going to publish any more
“new tech”.

I realized today that the tech is there. Maybe a bit belatedly.

The existing tech just needs to be studied and applied.


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