Who is He Really?

Who is he really?

Bill Robertson left the Church of Scientology in 1982.

Thereafter, Robertson took on a new name, “Astar Paramejgian”, and announced to the world that he was one of three beings who would be controlling the lives of trillions of inhabitants of “Sector 9”, which he defined as a collection of thousands of stars and planets in this sector of the galaxy. “Astar,” immediately began demanding unconditional compliance from “Sector 9.”

He wrote a book entitled “Sector 9” in which he lists out 147 organizations which would have been infiltrated and taken over by the “Markabians”, an alien race. These organizations include the Republican Party, the Liberal Party, the American Medical Association, the New York Times, BBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, The United Nations, World Health Organization, the CIA, the FBI, all British Intelligence organizations, Interpol, IBM, Los Angeles Times, Council of Europe, and many, many others.

He also invented a “tech” including 48 so-called “OT levels” made up by him and a new “E-Meter” and claimed that LRH was actually cross-checking his “technology” telepathically four years before LRH passed away.

Where does this all lead?

LRH covered in detail the mechanisms of psychosis in several issues but perhaps the most germane data as relates to Robertson is contained in HCO B 27 September 1966 Reissued 19 Sept 1987 THE ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY THE ANTI-SCIENTOLOGIST where he says: “When such a personality goes insane, the world is full of Martians or the FBI and each person met is really a Martian or FBI agent.

Indeed, John Caban, Robertson’s right hand man in 1982 and the man he dedicated his book to, testified, under oath, in a Spain Court on May 29, 2001, when asked about his relationship with Bill Robertson, that he came to realize later that Robertson had serious mental problems. Robertson eventually died of cancer in 1991.

See Ralph Hilton’s newsgroup posting about Robertson’s “tech”.

See The Truth about Bill Robertson for a more detailed discussion.

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