Henrik Salbol

Henrik Salbol, a resident of Denmark and the United Kingdom, is a Free Zone member who had organized Free Zone chapters of Ron’s Org in Denmark and UK which have since closed down.

Henrik Salbol owns and has owned a number of businesses in several countries. One of these has been raided in Denmark in 2002 (a cleaning company) and a criminal case ensued. Salbol was eventually convicted (2 years of jail and fines for over $50,000).

Here you can find the final judgement both in English and Danish:

11 August 2011 Court of Appeal Decision in Danish.

11 August 2011 Court of Appeal Decision in English.

Henrik Salbol also had as a business associate Mr. Abdul Mabood Siddiqui, senior partner of the Accountant firm Reddy Siddiqui & Co.

Henrik Salbol also employed Mr. Abdul Mabood Siddiqui’s son, Abu Bakr Siddiqui, as his secretary while Henrik was the managing director of Abbeyoak Contractors Ltd., a UK based import/export company.

Both the senior Abdul Mabood Siddiqui and his son Abu Bakr Siddiqui have been implicated in the nuclear black market network organized by Abdul Qadeer Khan. Abdul Qadeer Khan is a Pakistani scientist who built a secret international network that he used to acquire nuclear material and equipment for the Pakistani nuclear program and which he also turned to supplying countries such as Libya, Iran and possibly Sudan.

Mr Khan spent much of his time conducting this business in Sudan, Mali, Nigeria and Niger. It was from Niger, with the help of the Libyan government, that the uranium ore for Pakistan’s nuclear program was obtained.

According to the Financial Times(1), “On all these trips, Abdul Mabood Siddiqui, a partner in the London accountancy firm Reddy, Siddiqui, accompanied Mr. Khan.”

According to a report from AP sources quoted by the Citizens’ Center on Nuclear Non-Proliferation, (http://nuclearno.com/text.asp?8167)

“Three of Khan`s trips to sub-Saharan states between 1998 and 2000 were detailed in an Urdu-language memoir published in 2000 by a devoted associate, A.M. Siddiqui, a London-based accountant.

“Siddiqui’s son, Abu Siddiqui, was convicted in England in 2001 for buying nuclear-related equipment for Khan in Europe and America from 1995 to 1998. A judge gave the younger Siddiqui a suspended sentence, saying he believed the convict’s claim he did not know about Khan’s status as head of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program.

“Both Siddiquis were involved in the Khan network’s deals with Libya, two senior U.S. officials said. Abu Siddiqui also was a business partner with the network’s alleged money man, Sri Lankan Buhary Abu Sayed Tahir, in the European branch of Tahir’s Dubai-based computer business.”

The Financial Times article also states that,

“Abdul Mabood’s son, Abu Bakr Siddiqui, was convicted on three charges of export violations in London in 2001 and given a 12-month suspended sentence. The younger Mr Siddiqui shipped three consignments of sensitive equipment to Pakistan and was arrested as a fourth was about to leave Britain.”

(1) Quoted from:
Financial Times (London, England)
April 7, 2004 Wednesday
London Edition 1
Copyright 2004 The Financial Times Limited

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