Max and Erika Hauri

Max and Erika Hauri are leaders of the Ron’s Org of Bern, Switzerland, and were instrumental in setting up the first Free Zone club in Moscow.

They claim to be Scientologists, yet per their own admission they are cooperating with the Germany agency that is investigating Scientology in Germany, the OPC.

“Maybe it makes you feel more confident, for example, if you learn that the office for safeguarding the constitution (Verfassungsschutz) of the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg has stated years ago that the Ron’s Org is not a part of the Church of Scientology and that there is no need to observe them as the Ron’s Org has no anti-constitutional goals. Indeed, there is some cooperation between members of the Ron’s Org and state authorities who observe the Church of Scientology and investigate their activities.

(Excerpted from from page How can I know that the Ron’s Org is not another camouflaged organization of the Church of Scientology? on the Ron’s Org Bern (Ron’s Org Schweiz) web site, April 7, 2006.)

“Indeed, members of the Free Zone have now and then worked with state organs to observe the Church of Scientology and their actions.”

(Original text:  “In der Tat arbeiten Mitglieder der Freien Zone verschiedentlich mit staatlichen Organen zusammen, die die Scientology-Kirche beobachten und ihre Umtriebe erforschen.”
Taken from page Antworten auf (FAQ) on the Freie Zone e.V. web site, July 6, 2005.)

“In fact members of the Freezone are working with various state institutions that are conducting surveillance of the Church of Scientology to investigate its wrongdoings.”

(Excerpt from the booklet FREE ZONE SWITZERLAND The Alternative Scientology Movement, by Ron’s Org Switzerland)

“The OPC recruits its ‘star witnesses’ against the Scientology organization from the Free Zone. Not only does the OPC recruit in the Free Zone, they also try to get their undercover men trained and cared for by Freezone members; one even went so far as to recruit star witnesses for the ominous Bavarian Study from the Free Zone.”

(Excerpt from the booklet [Renate Hartwig: Ref: directreport Nr.1, 2003])

For more details, see

They claim to be proponents of LRH’s technology, yet their organization promotes “Scientology” as extensively rewritten and added to by Bill Robertson.

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