Hauri’s Double Talk

Max Hauri wrote in his web site that the goal of his group is “… [to] apply the philosophy and technology of L. Ron Hubbard ….”

Information obtained by the Freezone Survivors Association seems to show that this is just Hauri’s Public Relations statement on his web site making an attempt at convincing gullible fence sitters.

In actual fact, when a Scientologist who attended one of Hauri’s so called “camps” asked him what was his real goal as far as Scientology is concerned, his answer was far more different than the above and unmistakably clear:

“Scientology disappearing within the next 20 years”

Since the audience was only one person Hauri must have felt safe uttering this, but the truth as usual always prevails in the end.

This doesn’t surprise us since Hauri has actually bragged about his association with enemies of Scientology. See article: “Freezone Who’s Who: Max and Erika Hauri”.

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