Michael Moore

Michael Moore began a group known as the International Freezone Association in 2004 with the help of Ray Krenik. The organization as of July 2005 listed about 15 people and includes Free Zone luminary Pierre Ethier. The International Freezone Association (IFA) operates as part of Gold Century Press located in Carnegie, Victoria, Australia. Gold Century Press is a publisher of books by Michael Moore, mostly about e-gold trading and investing. Gold Century Press is also apparently the physical site of the IFA organization.

Mr. Moore owns another business called Gold Today, an Internet gold exchange broker. Michael Moore has been named in two lawsuits claiming that Gold Today participated in a large Ponzi scheme by encouraging investors to put their money into One Group International, an e-gold investment company that ceased operations when its principles fled to Mexico with their investors’ money. Ironically, Gold Century Press features a book about online fraud by Michael Moore.

For more information regarding the two law suits, see One Groupe International Gold Scam.

A time-line of this activity as it relates specifically to OSGold, can be seen at http://factfindings.tekcities.com/time.html.

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