Otfried Krumpholz

The Mistery called Otfried Krumpholz

Have you ever heard this name before? If not, don’t worry, you are not the only one.

However, in the Freezone underground world this is an “important” name. This individual – we are told by an ex-Freezoner—showed up from “nowhere” in a Freezone conference in Europe in 1997 and spoke about Scientology, the tech and copyright issues in a “authoritative” way. He was only about 23 years old at the time. We also learned from this ex-member that Krumpholz was portraying himself as a C/S (Case Supervisor).

For those that are not familiar with Scientology a Case Supervisor requires an intense training which may go on for years. According to this ex-Freezoner however Krumpholz had never been seen before that conference so the possibility that he would have done this training in the Freezone are very slim. This is further supported by the following quote from a website owned by Krumpholz called “Das Dritte Jahrtausend” (The third millennium):

“As a clarification it should be mentioned that the site owner is neither a member of the Church of Scientology nor ever has been and is differentiating himself clearly from it and all its branch organizations. This website on the contrary belongs to the wide family of the Free Zone …”

The obvious question then is how can someone that has never been in Scientology gain such a high profile position in the Freezone to a point where he created a web site to discuss the “alteration of LRH’s materials”?

And why are freezoners giving him so much credit?

This is an oddity of magnitude. Per the data provided to us by the ex-Freezoner Krumpholz has a position similar to an Ed (Executive Director) but is also considered one of the highest tech trained individual in the Freezone yet he never walked in a Scientology organization.

Krumpholz also happens to be an attorney specialized in domain name and Internet issues. He actually graduated after joining the Freezone. How convenient…

So where did Krumpholz get his training and who trained him? What is Krumpholz’s real agenda?

If you have any information and evidence that can help shed some light on the above questions please e-mail us here:


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