Consultant and Auditor

Rey Robles

Rey Robles runs a small group in Reno, Nevada that bills itself as Freezone Worldwide, and that carefully notes that it has no affiliation with Freezone USA.  Rey offers counseling and consulting, but what have his results been over the years?

Rey is claiming To Be A Successful Business Consultant
But It doesn’t Square With His Personal Financial History.

Rey Robles has been promoting himself as a successful business consultant with “Excellent organizational planning, [and] programming skills.”

The truth? Robles can’t organize his own life, let alone anyone else’s. He and his wife have been, since 1994, living high off of credit cards, bank loans and whoever else would loan them money to the tune of $297,791.61 as listed in his bankruptcy.

Interestingly enough, once their credit cards were maxed, they declared bankruptcy and blew town.

Here’s just a sampling:

Associates National Bank Purchase of goods $1,034.07
Bank of America Purchase of goods $7,325.39
Citi Bank Cards Living expenses $4,773.42
Citi Bank Cards Purchase of goods $4,247.81
Home Depot Purchase of goods $5,671.12
Home Depot Purchase of goods $3,033.24
JC Penny Business & clothes $1,363.41
Macy’s Purchase of goods $1,975.49
MBNA America Purchase of goods $8,987.33
Sears Over 10 years to Jan 2001 $5,551.65
Sears Gold Master Card Purchase of goods $5,112.47
Universal Card Loan & purchase of goods $5,767.37
Victoria’s Secret Purchase of goods $687.31

And this is just a partial list. You can see the complete bankruptcy documents here.

Rey has now moved to Reno and latched onto a Jennifer Freeman in a business called “Valinor.” Based upon Robles’ history thus far, anyone might guess that Jennifer is Rey’s next victim, having left his credit card fiasco behind him in the bankruptcy court in Arizona.

This doesn’t say much for the “excellent organizational planning and programming skills”.

Rey Pretends To Be A Well-Trained Auditor.

The truth? Rey made it up. Not only is he a squirrel – but he’s a squirrel’s squirrel. Just take a look at what a Board of Investigation found out, including the fact that he claimed to have training he didn’t have and that after he supposedly became an auditor, he got a B.A. in Psychology and worked in a psychiatric hospital. Is this the type of man you want messing around in your case?

Here are some highlights from the Board of Investigation’s Findings:

“Rey’s claim to be permanently certified as a CL IV auditor and C/S and an interned MCSC when he could not produce any certification of this…”

“The matter of Rey Robles receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and working as a nurses aide in a psychiatric hospital for 6 months after becoming an auditor and an OT? IV in l976…”

“Regarding the matter of Rey’s claim to have permanent certification as a CL IV auditor and C/S, Rey could not produce for the Board any of these certificates. Rey stated that he was never issued anything in writing by the San Diego Org or the Flag Missionaire who was at the Org at that time, permanently certifying him as a CL IV auditor and C/S…”

“Rey admitted to the Board in an interview that he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the Sonoma State College and that he subsequently worked as a nurse’s aide, in a Psychiatric Hospital (Sonoma State Hospital) for 6 months. This is found to be in direct violation of LRH ? policy regarding enrollment in and working for Suppressive Groups…”

“Rey has not abided by the decision of that Court and has failed to pay the money owed by him to…”

“…the Board also found that Rey failed to fully wear his hat as a consultant to J&R Chiropractic and debug problems that arose in completing the program that Rey wrote for J&R Chiropractic. A debug step was included by Rey on his program for this but was not fully done. This resulted in a non-optimum situation for J&R Chiropractic PR and Marketing to go unresolved. We find that Rey failed to deliver what was promised per the terms of their contract and Rey’s program for J&R Chiropractic even though Rey claims explicitly that he did deliver what was promised…”

How much is Rey into you for? Let us know.

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