In light of the increasing amount of evidence which shows the psychiatric influence behind the Freezone, we began investigating other Freezoners for psych connections and found that the Ukraine Freezone is not an isolated case.

In Reno, Nevada, Rey Robles, an ex-Scientologist and declared SP is pretending to portray himself as a successful “counselor”. Until a few years ago Robles falsely presented himself as a trained Scientologist and placed ads in the now defunct “Free Spirit” magazine titled “Standard Tech 0-8”. You can read the truth about his “Scientology training” here.

In appearing before a Board of Investigation Robles admitted to his past psych training. Here is the quote:

“Rey admitted to the Board in an interview that he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the Sonoma State College and that he subsequently worked as a nurse’s aide, in a Psychiatric Hospital (Sonoma State Hospital) for 6 months. This is found to be in direct violation of LRH policy regarding enrollment in and working for Suppressive Groups…” (See the full text here.)

So does this make Rey Robles a psych? You can answer the question yourself: he has a 4-year degree in Psychology and worked in the Sonoma State Hospital, a psychiatric facility.

Not only did he admit this to the Board, but he also includes this in his resume.

As to his “standard tech” result after Scientology? Here is a quote from one of his pcs, Virginia McClaughry, on what she had to say about Robles and the auditing she received from him:

    "In another twist of session data primarily for Black Propaganda
purposes, Rey tells Tommy Thompson on the phone (per Tommy Thompson on
his private list on Jan 28, 2002), that:

    "I asked him about Virginia being one of his pc's. He said he
could not control the session, and could not control her. He does feel
she is a no-case gain person, but still, I could feel that he was only
saying that to appease me."
    "Rey also is an afficianado [sic] of Black Magic, witchcraft
etc, similar to Alan and Ralph.”

    "He even attempted to give me a tenet from Black Magic tech, in
regards to dealing with exterior beings.”

(This quote is from a posting of 2002-10-12 14:00:05 PST Subject: The Many Faces of Rey Robles, and The “Freezone”)

For more information regarding Mr. Robles, see Rey Robles — Freezone Who’s Who.

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