Rey Robles: aiding and abetting forgery?

Rey Robles has posted on various forums about a fake Ron’s Journal 38 which he claimed was written by LRH. While many Freezoners have already correctly labelled this “document” as a forgery Rey Robles not only didn’t listen to those comments he went ahead and made a Youtube video where he “reveals” to the public the “incredible discovery” of a this fake message from LRH.

Here are some comments taken from Freezoners commenting about this forged RJ 38:

“I saw one of these about 1986-7 in LA. It was supposedly a
joke, circulating around the Independent Field, as it was
called in those days. Somebody used the heading from some other
issue and put these words to it. (I may still have it around
here someplace.)”


“Im sorry but this supposed LRH comm just tweeks me the fxxk off!
LRH saying “atrocities” have been committed that he cant do anything about?

Apologizing for families that have been broken up and homes lost?

Is this the what LRH would do? Its more like the rationalizations and justifications you would find in a beginning scientologist in his first visit to the ethics officer.

And 100 million dollars? Have to have before you can be or do, much? Nah, not LRH. 100,000,000. 00 is not enough money to open a decent auto dealership, much less ensure anyones future.

No, this fake RJ is full of outpoints at every paragraph.

According to the people who were with Ron in this time frame he was active and still himself, not the apologetic, propitiative, low cause character someone mocked up for this parody.

I wonder who the “friend” is who mailed this to you Rey. ?”


“Note also that Ken Urquhart who was probably more familiar with
LRH writing style than anybody dismissed scathingly any idea that this could be genuine.”

Forgery is a crime in the United States and Rey claimed receiving this from a “friend” and is promoting this document as true. Does this mean that he is aiding and abetting forgery? If there are Survivors that have more information on this please post them here.

Here is an excerpt from the California Penal Code:

  • Aiding and Abetting under California forgery law

You can also be convicted of Penal Code 470 forgery for aiding and abetting another who does any of the above acts. Even if you’re not the one who actively forged the document, if you (1) have knowledge of the forged item(s) and (2) accompany another in passing the item(s) or make misleading statements that contribute to the forger’s benefit (at another’s expense), you face prosecution under this law.



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